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Product Feature Questions
What P-Series models does this hammer fit?
This trigger actually only fits 1911's.
Dose it fit m18
Yes. The P320 Carry M18 uses full sized magazines so the 9mm 17rd magazine is correct for it.
Does this include guide rod and spring? Is it a captured spring design?
The Sig Sauer Caliber X-Change kits do include the guide rod and captured recoil spring.
Does it have the manual safety ?
This model does not have a manual safety.
Hi, Does this ship with any magazines? If so, what capacity? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.
The FX910 ships with one 30rd magazine and it will accept Glock compatible 9mm mags.
Is the slide made of stainless steel?
This slide is stainless steel.
Will this fit the sas version too? I see you are out of stock with the sas one. What is the difference? Thank you
It will not unless you change out the controls. The slide stop / release lever and take down lever are different on the SAS.
Does this work with the P365X as well?
This kit is compatible with the P365X as it uses an XL grip module.
Its 3.6 or 3.9?
This is a compact slide so it is for a 3.9 inch barrel. A subcompact slide will accept a 3.6 inch barrel.
Which side goes towards the muzzle ? Painted end or the non painted end?
The painted portion of the recoil spring would be opposite the front of the barrel (at the rear).
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Shipping Related Questions
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Product Availability Questions
when will the p320 Max be available again?
We do not have a firm ETA as Sig stopped giving dates on many products.
I want the V2 of this model not the X-2 Do you have one?
Unfortunately we do not have the V2. Only the X2.
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Troubleshooting Questions
Do I need to file any of the parts in the P365 manual safety conversion kit?
You do not need to modify any of the safety conversion parts.
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