4 New Sig Sauer Firearms

4 New Sig Sauer Firearms

4 New Sig Sauer Firearms

Sig Sauer announced 4 new offerings to their firearm lineup so. Over the last couple years we've seen product variations being dropped to a bare minimum leaving customers with few options to pick the 'right' gun. It wasn't long ago that you could choose from about 20 different models of the standard P226 and about 10 P226 X-Five Mastershop variations. Today you have about 10 in total. This slashing of offerings was throughout the model range so it's really nice to see more of these options coming back.

P365 Rainbow Titanium 380

Part Number: 365-380-RBT-MS - This model harkens back to the discontinued P238 Rainbow Titanium which had the same slide finish. For now it appears that this will only be offered in a .380 ACP variant. The finish is applied to the slide, manual safety controls, takedown lever, slide catch, and magazine release. It's also topped off with X-Ray3 Day/Night Sights and an optic mount. Two 10rd magazines will be included.


M400 X-Series SDI

Part Number: RM400-SDI-16B-P - This is not your normal M400. It features a billet lower receiver like the MCX, ambi safety, ambi bolt catch/release, SIG Flatblade Match Trigger, midlength gas system, Magpul SL stock, and hybrid compensator/flash hider. Only available in 5.56mm NATO.


P320 RXZP Compact

Part Number: 320C-9-B-RXZP - The RXZP another addition to the P320 line with pre-installed optics. You now have two options: The RXP with the Romeo1Pro or the RXZP with the RomeoZeroPro. The new RXZP package will come in at a lower price point than the RXP thanks to the reduced cost of the red dot, but beyond that it will be the same gun. It has 3-dot contrast sights, a 3.9" 9mm barrel, and two 15 round magazines. (10 round magazines are available with part number 320C-9-B-RXZP-10).



Part Number: 320AXGCA-9-CW-CBT-TB-R2 - This is a throwback to the P220 and P226 Combat models. It features an AXG Carry grip module with M1913 accessory rail finished in FDE and paired with matching FDE G10 grip plates and FDE floorplates on all three 21rd magazines.  It's only available in 9mm with a 4.6" threaded barrel. You will be ready for a suppressor with the tall X-Ray3 Day/Night Sights and an optic mount for a DeltaPoint Pro pattern (such as the SIG Romeo1Pro or RomeoZero Pro optic).