Amazon Bans Lasers

Amazon Bans Lasers
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We received a notification today that is banning lasers. Specifically they are banning any kind of laser pointer, laser aiming device, and firearm laser sights. You can read the full text of their new policy here. Below is the section on prohibited items.

Examples of Prohibited Listings

  • Portable, handheld laser products, such as:Products that incorporate Class IIIB lasers, such as laser light show projectors
    • Lasers pointers
    • Laser flares
    • Laser pens
    • Presentation remotes with integrated laser pointers
    • Pet toy laser pointers and similar products
  • Products that incorporate Class IIIB lasers, such as laser light show projectors
  • Products that incorporate Class IV lasers, such as industrial lasers
Amazon is not particularly friendly to the 2nd Amendment and started pulling pistol stabilizing braces down some time ago. This isn't as specifically targeted as the ban on braces but does affect enthusiasts who use Prime to get free 2nd day air shipping on their purchases. It looks like Amazon will have most laser items pulled within a month. This means that items like laser bore sighters, Crimson Trace laser grips, or rail mounted lights and lasers (like Surefire's vertical grip with laser) won't be on Amazon much longer. Below is the text of the email we received from Amazon pertaining to Sig Sauer's STL900-WLL:
Hello FBA Seller, Amazon strives to provide the best possible experience for customers. As part of our ongoing efforts, we implemented listing restrictions for laser-pointer products listed by ASIN below. As noted in previous email communications that you received, you can no longer list any of the below ASINs on, and your listings for these products have been removed. There is no adverse impact on your seller account for the removal, but we request that you refrain from relisting removed products. We will not accept inbound shipments of the affected ASINs to FBA. If you still have remaining inventory of these ASINs already in Amazon fulfillment centers, you can take action on the remaining inventory until June 25, 2015. B002LDAX0Q Please create a Removal Order for return or disposal of these units by June 25, 2015. Each Removal Order generates a "FBA Return Fee" or "FBA Disposal Fee" that appears in your Seller Central account. If you choose to dispose of this inventory, we will reimburse you the "FBA Disposal Fee" for the aforementioned FBA inventory if the Removal Order is created before June 25, 2015. After June 25, 2015, you will be charged standard disposal fees that will not be reimbursed. Once you are reimbursed for the disposal fee, your reimbursement amount will appear in your Payments Report; to find this report, click the Reports tab in Seller Central, then Payments. The reimbursement amount will appear as "Other" in the Refunds section. If you choose to have the inventory returned to you, you are responsible for paying the "FBA Return Fee" for Removal Orders created in this time frame. This will not be reimbursed. If you do not submit a Removal Order for impacted inventory by June 25, 2015, we will dispose of this inventory in accordance with the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. For assistance creating a Removal Order, please visit our How to Create Removal Orders help page: Thank you for selling on Amazon. Sincerely, The Fulfillment by Amazon Team  
Update 5-27-15 @ 4:00 PM: It seems that the terms on Amazon now indicated that bore sights and gun sight lasers are now permitted. Ironically the email I received specifically says they are banned. We will reach out to Amazon for clarification. Update 5-27-15 @ 4:46 PM: After a 45 minute call with Amazon Seller Support it seems that despite the policy indicating pistol lasers are acceptable, they are still going after and banning many forms of laser devices, regardless if they conform to the policy. Update 5-27-15 @ 4:55 PM: The following email was received from the support employee.
Greetings from Amazon FBA Support, I just wanted to follow up with you regarding our recent phone conversation, John. Just as a recap, you were concerned with the removal of your listing for ASIN: B002LDAX0Q. As we discussed, Amazon has recently implemented new listing restrictions on certain portable, handheld laser devices. This new policy change affects all listings, including listings that were previously approved. Currently Amazon is not approving any additional listings for laser pointers. Below is recap of our conversation. As mentioned on the phone, I have passed along this feedback to the appropriate team. You advised that your product of ASIN B002LDAX0Q falls under the category of bore sights and gun sight lasers which is listed under the permitted products related to lasers. This information is very hypocritical (re: the help page vs. the listings that were removed) and the fact that you are currently selling other laser related items that have not been removed. If products are going to be restricted from selling, at the sellers expense, the seller-facing information needs to be kept up to date. It was also mentioned that Amazon allows battle swords which are used to specifically harm people. You had concerns as to why these are allowed, but not something as harmless as a laser light. You also mentioned that you will unlikely continue to sell on Amazon due as a result of this. I recognize that this is not the result that you were hoping for, but I want you to know that I did my best to provide you with the correct information based on our current policies. Feel free to contact us back with any further questions or concerns that you may have. Below, you will have the opportunity to complete a survey based on the assistance you have received for this case. You will also have the opportunity to provide a comment regarding the service provided. We sincerely appreciate your time in doing this, and have a wonderful day!
Update 5-28-15 @ 9:32 AM: Stumbled upon Amazon's listing for crossbows and their banner says "Deadly Accurate Crossbolts For All Scenarios." It is a bit hypocritical that they have banned items like lasers but allow items and even advertise their deadliness. URL: amazon-crossbow
6 years ago
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Gary L Griffiths
6 years ago at 8:45 PM
FWIW, Amazon has had a lot of trouble with cheap Chinese lasers sold under their auspices not working. Many times, the supplier is difficult to deal with. They may not wish to discriminate against their "foreign suppliers" and so are dropping ALL lasers rather than deal with the international situation.
6 years ago at 9:33 AM
I think the real reason is that there are many different cities banning the lasers. As a result, Amazon can't police every listing in order to enforce that restriction. Their answer is to just ban them all.
6 years ago at 3:41 PM
The author left out the part about the permitted items, which include gun and bore sites| Examples of Permitted Listings Note: Reminder: all listings and products must comply with all laws and regulations. Class I lasers, such as CD players Class IM lasers, such as DVD players Class II lasers, such as bar code scanners limited to 1 mW Non-handheld Class 3R lasers, such as Laser light show projectors limited to 5mW and under Bore sights and gun sight lasers
6 years ago at 3:51 PM
Interesting. I'm pretty sure that wasn't present when I reviewed it the other day. Additionally, they are banning the Sig STL900-WLL as indicated in the email to me. That is a gun sight laser.
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