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Sig Sauer and the ATF have agreed on a timeline

I, by the grace of God, am not a lawyer, but according to, it sounds like Sig and the ATF have agreed to a time when they’ll agree if the muzzle brake on an MPX is a suppressor or not.

A timeline has been set for gun maker SIG Sauer to settle a dispute with federal regulators for classifying its product as a silencer instead of a muzzle brake.

Although a date for a ruling has not been scheduled, both SIG and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agreed on deadlines for final arguments, according to court documents obtained by

Stay tuned.

Sig’s new optic

Well, well, well … look what we have here, a new 4x scope from Sig Sauer, courtesy of Guns&Ammo’s Twitter feed.


According to Guns & Ammo, the name of it will be Bravo, and it will have a fixed 4x magnification and a horseshoe-dot reticle. No word on MSRP yet, but when we know the rest of  details and have them on our shelves, we’ll post the product up on the website.

Here’s that pic again, by itself.



One the biggest beefs I have with the Sig optics is their reticles: They’re just too confusing for what they’re supposed to do, and I’m glad to see them moving to a simpler reticle that is closer to what the rest of the industry uses.

Sig Sauer Discontinuing Stand-Alone PSB Sales





Update 3-16-2015: Sig has resumed sales of the the braces individually.

Original post:

Sig Sauer PSB Braces Discontinued

We’ve just received notice from Sig Sauer that as of the first of next year, they’ll be discontinuing sales of the stand-alone pistol braces (PSB’s) without the buffer tube kit, both the current PSB models and the newer SBX models.

Also, the type of kits offered by Sig Sauer will be changing from the current pistol brace kits: Rather than including a buffer tube and pad, they will be including a buffer tube, pad, recoil spring and locking nut, once existing stock is sold out, the new MSRP from Sig Sauer for the PSB kits will be $239 for PSB kits and $249 for SBX kits, although sale prices may vary from that.


The part numbers for the new kits will be:

  • KIT-PSB-PNK (Available Q1 2015)
  • KIT-SBX-PNK (Available Q1 2015)

Note that the last three SKU numbers indicate that there are two new colors of SBX braces coming soon!

New From Kimber – The Micro Raptor Stainless


  • Caliber: .380ACP
  • Weight (w/empty mag): 13.4 ounces
  • Barrel length: 2.75 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds
  • MSRP: $960

Key Features

  • Side and top scaling
  • Front strap scale serrations and texturing on the mainspring housing
  • Zebra wood grips
  • Stainless steel slide
  • 3 dot night sights
  • Ambidextrous safety

Looks like a nice little micro 1911 in .380. We should have those in the store early next week.

Ruger Introduces A New LCR Revolver

Ruger LCR-X

From their email:

“The LCR-X with a 3-inch barrel and adjustable sights is the newest addition to the award-winning LCR Family. Chambered in .38 Special +P, the 3-inch barrel, adjustable rear sight and modest weight make this a great all-around revolver, perfect for backpacking, concealed carry, home defense or just plinking.”

Interesting gun, should be easy to carry and comfortable to shoot. We’ll have more info once we get them on our shelves.

Smith And Wesson Rolls Out New Rebates

M&P Rebate

Purchase any new full size or compact M&P pistol and receive two free magazines from Smith and Wesson*.

Offer valid on qualifying new Smith & Wesson M&P full or compact size pistols purchased between November 14th and December 3, 2014. Coupon submission for qualifying purchases must be postmarked by December 17, 2014. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing time for valid coupon submissions.

* M&P Shield pistols excluded. Other restrictions apply. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

Shop online for M&P pistols now, and get your rebate form here.

New Rifles From Sig Sauer

We’ve talked about the P320’s and the other pistols that Sig is coming out with next year, now it’s time to talk long guns, including the much-anticipated MCX line.

SKU Description MSRP
RMCX-16B-CAL-P MCX, 5.56mm NATO, 16″ Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Collapsible Stock $1,999.00
RMCX-300B-16B-CAL-P MCX, .300 Blackout, 16″ Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Collapsible Stock $1,999.00
RMCX-762R-16B-CAL-P MCX, 7.62X39 MM, 16″ Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Collapsible Stock $1,999.00
RMCX-300B-16B-CAL-P-CKIT MCX, 300 Blackout, 16″ Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Collapsible Stock, 5.56mm Kit $2,285.00
R716G2-16B-P SIG716G2, Patrol, 16″ barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Sig Stock & Grip $2,399.00
R716G2-16B-P-ODG SIG716G2, Patrol, OD Green, 16″ barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Sig Stock & Grip $2,399.00
R716G2-16B-P-FDE SIG716G2, Patrol, FDE, 16″ barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Sig Stock & Grip $2,456.00
R716G2-16B-SRP SIG716G2, Sight-Ready Platform, 16″ barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Sig Stock & Grip $2,170.00
R716G2-16B-SRP-ODG SIG716G2, Sight-Ready Platform, OD Green, 16″ barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Sig Stock & Grip $2,090.00
R716G2-16B-SRP-FDE SIG716G2, Sight-Ready Platform, FDE, 16″ barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Sig Stock & Grip $2,090.00
R716G2-H16B-DMR SIG716G2, DM, 16″ barrel, Match Trigger, Aluminum Handguard, Magpul Grip & PRS Stock $3,062.00
R716G2-16B-HUNTER SIG716, Hunter, 16″ barrel, Aluminum Handguard, Magpul CTR Stock, Kryptec Finish $3,062.00
RM400-300B-16B-ECP SIGM400, .300 BLACKOUT, ENHANCED PATROL, 16″ barrel, Flip sights $1,485.00
RM400-300B-16B-ECP-ODG SIGM400, .300 BLACKOUT, ENHANCED PATROL, OD Greeen, 16″ barrel, Flip sights $1,485.00
RM400-300B-16B-ECP-FDE SIGM400, .300 BLACKOUT, ENHANCED PATROL, FDE, 16″ barrel, Flip sights $1,485.00

KRYPTEC! Did NOT see that coming! Looks like Sig is acknowledging that people use AR’s to hunt with this new 716, and that is a very good thing indeed.

You had to figure that Sig would go .300Blk with their AR’s, as that’s a fairly easy thing to change, and with Kevin Brittingham on-board, it makes even more sense.

Follow up question: How long before Kryptec 516G2’s chambered in .300Blk show up? Or maybe a Kryptec M400 Predator model for all you coyote hunters out there?

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about the new pistol braces and Caliber Exchange Kits coming out soon from Sig and what may still be coming from Sig later this year.

More New Sig Sauer Pistols for 2015

Soon to be in stock

Yesterday, we talked about the P320’s, and today we’re looking at the other new Sig pistols that we’ve uncovered via our online sources.

Some of these, like the Enhanced Scorpion 1911,  we have on our shelves right now, and some of them, like the Spartan model 238’s and .22LR P250’s are brand new to us.

Here’s what we’re seeing (so far) in non-P320 pistols from Sig Sauer this year. Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive, be-all and end-all list: Sig is always coming up with new ideas and new guns, and when they do, we’ll have them up on the site as soon as possible.

If you want to know when we’ll be getting those guns or any of the other new Sig Sauer guns in stock, click on the product’s SKU and sign up for the “Product Out of Stock Subscription” emails for the gun(s) of your choice.

SKU Description MSRP
227R-45-ESE 227 Enhanced Elite, Beavertail, SRT, SigLite Sights, 1 Piece Grip $1,543.00
E27R-45-TACOPS-E 227 TACOPS, Beavertail, SRT, G-10 Grip, $1,370.00
E29R-9-CBT Black Nitron Slide – Flat Dark Earth Frame, Tall SigLite Sights, 1913 Rail $1,256.00
238-380-NMR Nightmare, SigLite Sights, Hogue Grips $776.00
238-380-ESR Polished Nitron, SigLite Sights, Rosewood Grips $799.00
238-380-NI HDW, Stainless Frame & Slide, SigLite Sights, Rosewood Grips $833.00
238-380-SPARTAN Spartan, SigLite Sights $833.00
938-9-ESR Polished Nitron Finish, SigLite Sights, Rosewood Grips, Ambi Safety $856.00
250C-22-BAS Black Nitron Finish, 22 LR, Contrast Sights $456.00
1911R-45-ESCPN Enhanced Scorpion, Flat Dark Earth Finish, Black G10 Grips, Magwell $1,233.00
1911-45-B-STGT Super Target, Target Sights, Custom target grips $1,690.00
1911-45-S-STGT Super Target, Stainless, Target Sights, Custom target grips $1,690.00
1911UT-9-TSS 9mm, 3″ Barrel, 2-Tone Finish, Low Profile Night Sights, Rosewood Grips $1,176.00
1911FTCA-45-ESCPN Enhanced Scorpion, Fastback Frame, Flat Dark Earth, Low Pro Night Sights,Black G10 Grips, Magwell $1,233.00

Look for videos on the P238 Nightmare, Polished Nitron and Stainless models in the very near future.

We’re also creating more videos of the new guns from Sig Sauer and we’ll have video from the invitation-only Sig Sauer Media Day at SHOT Show next year, where we suspect all these guns (plus some others that Sig hasn’t talked about about yet) will be on display.

Next Up: The über-cool MCX’s.

Sig Sauer’s New 320 Pistols For 2015

We’ve just got the scoop on the new stuff that Sig Sauer is coming up out with for 2015, and let’s start with their very new (and very popular) P320 Modular Pistol Line.

SKU Description MSRP
320SC-9-B 9mm Subcompact, Contrast Sights $628.00
320SC-9-BSS 9mm Subcompact, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-9-FDE 9mm Compact, Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-40-FDE .40 S&W Compact, Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-357-FDE .357 SIG Compact Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-9-TSS-ODG 9mm Compact, OD Green Grip Module, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-40-TSS-ODG .40 Compact, OD Green Grip Module, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-9-B 9mm Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-9-BSS 9mm Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-9-BSS-TB 9mm Carry Size, SigLite Sights, Threaded Barrel $785.00
320CA-40-B .40 Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-40-BSS .40 Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-357-B .357 SIG Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-357-BSS .357 SIG Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-45-B .45ACP Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-45-BSS .45ACP Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320F-45-B .45ACP Full Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320F-45-BSS .45ACP Full Size, SigLite Sights $713.00

The Carry models are the same size and the 250 Compact models, and there’s some surprises in there like OD Green models as well.

Be sure to click on the SKU’s for your favorite guns and sign up for product alert emails so you’ll be the first to know when we get these in-stock.

Coming up tomorrow: Sig’s other pistols for 2015. Stay tuned!

Also, below is a detailed comparison where we show the P320 vs P250 and highlight features of both.

At the time of the video we were not aware of the P320 Compact. The P320 equivalent of the P250 Compact is the P320 Carry. It is strange that Sig would then release a model called the P320 Compact when it isn’t the same dimensions as the P250 Compact. We will hopefully get our hands on more info relating to the naming scheme soon. We’re being told that the P320 Compact will have the grip shell from the subcompact model with the 3.9″ barrel / slide from the P320 Carry. In my humble opinion, it would be better to just sell the P320 Carry model and offer a P320 Compact conversion kit which would consist of a grip shell and subcompact 12rd magazine (plus an X-Grip adapter to allow the 15rd compact mag to fit in the subcompact grip shell with the pinky adapter to close the gap).