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Feed Your Eagle

Free Magazine with a Desert Eagle

Buy a Desert Eagle .50 AE Pistol* and receive a free 7 Rd, Black .50AE Magazine (MAG50) from Magnum Research. Models include: DE50, DE50W, DE50MB, DE50BC, DE50BCMB, DE50MC, DE50PC, DE50PCMB, DE50BN, DE50SN, DE5010.

Buy a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Pistol* and receive a free 8 Rd, Black .44 Magnum Magazine. (MAG44) Models include: DE44, DE44CA, DE44W, DE44MB, DE44BC, DE44BCMB, DE44CABC, DE44MC, DE44PC, DE44PCMB, DE44BN, DE44SN, DE4410.

Buy a Desert Eagle .357 Magnum Pistol* and receive a free 9 Rd, Black .357 Magnum Magazine (MAG357) Models include: DE357, DE357BC, DE357MC, DE357PC, DE357BN, DE357SN.

Buy a Desert Eagle 1911G / 1911C Pistol receive a free 8 Rd, Black .45 ACP Magazine (MAG1911-458). Models include: DE1911G, DE1911GR, DE1911C.

*Excludes gold custom shop finished Desert Eagle Pistols (GO, TG, TG-TS)

Purchase a new Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 AE, .44 Magnum or .357 Magnum pistol and Desert Eagle 1911 pistol (models listed above) between June 16, 2014 to October 31, 2014 and you will qualify to receive a free black corresponding caliber magazine (as listed). This promotion does not include 24K gold, titanium gold, titanium gold-tiger striped finished Desert Eagle pistols and Desert Eagle 1911U pistol.

Completely fill out the coupon and mail, email or fax to Kahr Arms along with a copy of the receipt for the Desert Eagle pistol purchased including the serial number. Do not send in your original receipt as this will not be returned to you.