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Who Makes the Best Production 1911?

The Mad Ogre’s been gun-blogging for a long time, and he takes a look at who makes the best production 1911 pistols, i.e. 1911’s you can buy without mortgaging the house or selling off a kidney.

His picks?

  1. Springfield Armory
  3. PARA
  4. Remington
  5. STI
  6. Dan Wesson

To be honest, we like his choices, because we’ve found all of those to great values when it comes to the 1911 platform, and if you’re looking at something a little more fancy, we also have Wilson CombatNighthawk and Ed Brown 1911’s in stock as well.

New Rebates from Remington

Remington has rolled out some new incentives that run through the end of the year.

Consumer rebates are mail-in only. Valid on purchases made from 8/1/14 through 12/31/14. All requests must be postmarked by 1/24/15. More information and rebate forms available from