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Spikes Compressor SBR

We just received this gorgeous suppressed SBR from Spikes Tactical. It is one of the most gorgeous SBR’s I’ve ever seen. If Apple made a SBR, it would be this! I have more photos including the case and accessories. The BCG is nickel boron coated and lightened.

The team at Spikes really didn’t overlook any detail. The grip and AFG are hand stippled. There is a QD mount where the buffer tube mounts to the lower receiver along with another two on each side of the quad rail plus multiple mounting options on the stock.

We missed taking a photo of of the top of the upper receiver with the rear site folded down but Spikes gave great attention to the positioning and height of the rear sight. When it is folded down, it meets evenly with the top rear of the upper receiver so closely that there is virtually no gap showing. We’ll take and post a photo of that next week.

All the controls on the rifle are ambidextrous including the safety, mag release and bolt release (it doesn’t allow you to lock the bolt open unfortunately).

Enjoy the photos! We’ll have it listed on our online store within a few days.

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