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Details on Sig’s new Electro-Optics Line

Sig Electro-Optics

We visited Sig Sauer’s Range Day event this morning and had the opportunity to handle some of the new 2015 releases and we were as excited about the new optics as we were about the new firearms.

We saw a number of the new rifle scopes and reflex sights on various weapons (photos from the range will be coming soon) but we were also able to pick up a new catalog to gather all the essential details on the line of scopes.

I lost count of the total number of possible SKU’s in the Electro-Optics line but there should be more than 70 total SKU’s when you factor in the various models, focal lengths, and reticles.

Sig is offering a lifetime warranty on the whole new line of Electro-Optics! The warranty is fully transferrable and doesn’t require a receipt or warranty card. See more details at the end of this post.
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Sig’s new optic

Well, well, well … look what we have here, a new 4x scope from Sig Sauer, courtesy of Guns&Ammo’s Twitter feed.


According to Guns & Ammo, the name of it will be Bravo, and it will have a fixed 4x magnification and a horseshoe-dot reticle. No word on MSRP yet, but when we know the rest of ┬ádetails and have them on our shelves, we’ll post the product up on the website.

Here’s that pic again, by itself.



One the biggest beefs I have with the Sig optics is their reticles: They’re just too confusing for what they’re supposed to do, and I’m glad to see them moving to a simpler reticle that is closer to what the rest of the industry uses.