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Sig Sauer On The Move

Over the past few weeks, Sig Sauer’s been hinting at some cool stuff coming our way very soon. First off, it’s no secret that Sig has hired Kevin Brittingham, formerly of Advanced Armament Corporation. AAC is/was known for a) ridiculously cool guns and b) ridiculously cool silencers*/suppressors, so it makes sense that Sig is coming out with much the same things.

And they are.

The MCX takes the MPX to new levels, and our friends at The Firearm Blog got to shoot one earlier this year and were very impressed with how it shot. We’ll have more on this gun later in the year, so stay tuned.


And suppressors! Did we mention suppressors!? Take a look at what Sig posted on Instagram earlier this month:

Sig Suppressors

“SIG SAUER is bringing the best silencers ever produced to market. SIG hired the founder and lead engineer from #aac. The new #sigsilencers are the next generation.”


But what’s suppressor without somewhere to put it? As we reported earlier, it looks like the Designated Marksman Rifle is going on a diet and turning itself into a lean, mean shooting machine.

New Sig DMR

Word on the street is that this gun will come it at around 9 pounds without an optic, and unless we miss our guess (and we’re pretty good at guessing) that’s a quick-detach suppressor mount on the front of that gun.

As far as handguns go, look for more additions to the P320 line, along with this interesting critter designed to meet the Army’s requirements for a modular pistol.

Modular 320

According to the Military Times, it has an ambidextrous thumb safety with a 1911-esque thumb shelf, as well as a slide release lever that is smaller, angled more forward than a stock 320, along with a loaded chamber indicator and a bunch of other tweaks.

We’ll have more updates on what else is coming out from Sig Sauer this year, so stay tuned.

* Hiram Maxim, the guy who invented the darn things, called them “silencers” on the patent application. Look, I know and you know they don’t actually “silence” the gun, but that was his name for it and he invented it, and let’s just roll with that for now.

Coming Soon: A new rifle from Sig Sauer?

Spotted on Pinterest this week, the 716 Lightweight DMR, a new version of the Designated Marksman Rifle that weighs in at under nine pounds (!!!!) with a Keymod rail that extends past the gas block and what looks like a Sig Sauer-branded quick detach suppressor. Until recently, Sig suppressors have all been thread-mount, so is this a portent that more QD cans are on their way from Sig?

SIG Sauer Lightweight DMR

That’s a custom Remington MSR in .300 WinMag next to the SIG for comparison’s sake.

Building the perfect home defense AR-15

Image courtesy of Tom McHale

Ever since the first days of the double-barreled break action, the shotgun has reigned supreme as the home defense long gun of choice. But that is changing as the AR-15 and related guns becomes more and more popular with American gun owners as a range gun, competition gun and hunting rifle.

But how does it work for defending your home?

Very well, thank you.

First off, let’s talk about what we want a long gun (i.e. “not pistol”) to do in a home defense scenario. Whether’s it’s buckshot, rifle rounds or higher-veloctity pistol ammo, a long gun should “bring more to the party” than what your CCW gun does. A home-defense long gun should also extend the engagement range beyond the 25 or so yards, yet still be able to maintain a decent volume of fire and not be too big our unwieldy inside the home. Taking all of that into account, today’s AR-15’s make a lot of sense for keeping your home safe.

So what would the ultimate home-defense AR look like?

I’d suggest starting with a pistol-length AR-15 for size and ease of maneuver inside your home. Then add a SIG Sauer¬†pistol stabilizing brace for comfort and accurate fire, along with a laser sight for accurate fire from awkward positions, a rail-mounted flashlight for navigation and target identification and a sling for keeping it near you moving around the house. Lastly, because rifle rounds like .223 are LOUD compared to pistol ammo, consider adding a suppressor to your rifle in order to protect your ears and the hearing of your family.

Sig-SD Silencer Ad

Update 1-14-2015: Note that Sig has scrapped and replaced this line of suppressors which never truly launched. See our updated news on the new line pending launch. The part numbers and other information below is not accurate.

Sig Sauer has started promoting their new suppressor line (Sig-SD) which currently only includes thread on suppressors chambered in .22lr, 9mm, .223 / 5.56mm, and .308 / 7.62.

The advertisement below was published in the December 2013 Recoil Magazine.

Sig Sauer SIG-SD Suppressor Ad
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