Kimber Centennial Edition 1911

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Kimber Centennial Edition 1911We recently announced some exciting news about the Kimber 2010 models. Among the many new models being released next year, one will stand out above the others - the Centennial Edition. Kimber's Centennial Edition 1911 is a very limited edition model that will have custom bluing, engraving, and other detail that will really make this a desirable model. We don't have photos or detailed specs yet but we're trying hard to get our hands on them. We did find out today that Kimber is only going to produce a total of 250 of the Centennial Edition 1911's. The suggested retail on this model is $4,352. We'll post another update as soon as we hear anything! Update 2-9-2011: We have the Centennial in stock and available for sale! Grab it before it goes. We only received one and may receive one more but that will be it. See photos of the exact model for sale or buy it in the store.
12 years ago
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12 years ago at 9:34 PM
Centennial Model; OH I WANT ONE!!!
12 years ago at 9:43 AM
We might have one in stock in the next month or two. Most dealers aren't going to be able to get any but we're expecting to be able to get one.
11 years ago at 2:28 PM
Very nice indeed. Just received mine this weekend.
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