Kimber Hero Custom 1911

Kimber Hero Custom
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Kimber Hero Custom 1911 We're continuing our breakdown of Kimber's 2018 new models / additions. See a list of all the new models on our parent post. The Hero Custom 1911 is a Series 2 model chambered in .45 ACP and features:
  • Kryptek Hilander grips
  • KimPro II desert tan frame
  • Integrated lanyard loop in mainspring housing
  • Engraved slide
  • Fiber optic sights
Proceeds from the sale of this model go to the Boot Campaign. UPC: 669278323831 Part number: 3200383 MSRP: $987.00 Kimber Hero Custom
4 years ago
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Kenneth R. Steitz
4 years ago at 5:48 PM
Does Osage have this gun in stock? Kimber Hero Custom 1911 Please advise me.
Bob Cofer
4 years ago at 7:48 AM
Can I get additional information on availability, price, etc?
tim donovan
4 years ago at 4:14 AM
Is your Kimber Hero still available
4 years ago at 9:12 AM
It sold but we have more on order. You can sign up for an email notification on the product page of our site at
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