Kimber Solo Carry Magazine Info

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Update 4-19-2011 - We now have the Solo Carry 6 round magazines in stock and available for order. You can see photos below or order the magazines in our online store. The Solo magazines are available in one, two, and five packs. The two and five pack of magazines are slightly discounted. [gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="title"] We have some basic info about the Kimber Solo Carry magazines and any future magazine news will be posted here in updates. The Solo Carry is going to come with a standard 6rd single stack 9mm magazine. Like Kimber's 1911's, the Solo Carry models will ship with one magazine. Kimber is also going to be selling an extended length 8rd magazine that will have a pinky extension. We do not yet know when they will start shipping the extended magazines but we have ordered 200 of each capacity magazine. We will post detailed photos of both magazines here as they arrive.
11 years ago
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Terry Williams
11 years ago at 3:57 PM
Please inform me when magazines become available
David Roberts
10 years ago at 6:44 PM
I love the Kimber Solo with the exception that my hand is large and it is hard to control. Can you please give me an ETA on the extended magazine?
10 years ago at 8:51 AM
I'm told it will be at least January or February before the extended mags are available.
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