Kimber's 2019 Additions Announced

Kimber K6s DA/SA Revolver
Kimber's 2019 Additions Announced

Kimber K6s DA/SA Revolver

Kimber released their 2019 lineup and additions yesterday right at the end of the day. We put our immediate focus on their new striker pistol called the EVO SP. Aside from the EVO SP, Kimber released a variety of other additions to their existing lines and we’re digging into the details on those now.


Kimber K6s DA/SA On the K6s line, Kimber released a DA/SA variation. This is something we asked about when Kimber initially released the K6s line. Like prior K6s models, the DA/SA is chambered in .357 Mag and also fires .38 Special. Shipments are scheduled to begin mid December 2018 There are two barrel lengths offered for the new hammer driven revolver: Item # - UPC - Description - Caliber - Retail 3400021 - 669278340210 - K6s® DASA 2in - .357 Mag. - $970 3400016 - 669278340166 - K6s® DASA 3in  - .357 Mag. - $970
Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Kimber K6s DA/SA Revolver

Features include:

  • Walnut laminate checkered grips
  • Advanced, smooth no-stack double action trigger
  • 3.0 - 3.5 lb single action pull
  • Serrated back strap
  • White dot sights
Kimber’s announcement description:
WITH THE SMALLEST CYLINDER capable of holding 6 rounds of .357 Magnum (also compatible with .38 Special) offered today, K6sTM compact revolvers are well-suited for backup, concealed carry and home defense. The small frame, 2- and 3-inch barrel and 1.39-inch diameter cylinders are machined from the finest stainless steel for superior integrity, strength and resistance to moisture. The K6s offers important design features, including an advanced double-action trigger with a short, smooth, no-stack trigger that creates confidence while ensuring accuracy. Edges are rounded and blended to prevent hang up when the revolver is removed from concealment. 2019 brings the addition of the first double/single action for the K6s family, the K6s DASA in 2- and 3 inch barrels. For those who require a small package with mild recoil, K6s provides the power needed for concealed carry, home protection and many other applications. Best of all, they offer unequaled Kimber quality, dependability and performance.

K6s DAO Additions

K6s TLE Kimber K6s TLE Kimber is adding a new TLE variation to the DAO revolver line. Features:
  • Low-glare matte black finish
  • Advanced, smooth no-stack trigger
  • Green and black G10 grips with finger grooves
  • Serrated back strap
  • Tritium night sights
The K6s TLE is offered in 2” and 3” barrel options: Item # - UPC - Description - Caliber - Retail 3400022 - 669278340227 - K6s® TLE 2in - .357 Mag. - $1,020 3400005 - 669278340050 - K6s® TLE 3in - .357 Mag. - $1,020
K6STLE2IN_CatProfile K6STLE2IN_LeftProfile K6sTLE2IN_RightProfile K6sTLE2inch_CatProfileLeft K6STLE3IN_LeftProfile K6sTLE3in_RightProfile K6sTLE3Inch_CatProfileLeft

K6s LG Additions

K6s is also getting laser grip variations in the CDP and DC models. Item # - UPC - Description - Caliber - Retail 3400018 - 669278340180 - K6s® CDP (LG) - .357 Mag. - $1,510 3400019 - 669278340197 - K6s® DC (LG) - .357 Mag. - $1,485 K6sCDPLG_RightProfile K6SCDPLG_LeftProfile K6SCDPLG_Detail6 K6SCDPLG_Detail5 K6sCDPLG_Detail4 K6sCDPLG_Detail3 K6sCDPLG_Detail2 K6sCDPLG_Detail1 K6sCDPLG_CatProfileLeft K6SCDPLG _CatProfile K6sDCLG_RightProfile K6SDCLG_LeftProfile K6sDCLG_Detail6 K6SDCLG_Detail5 K6sDCLG_Detail4 K6sDcLG_Detail2 K6sDCLG_Detail1 K6sDCLG_CatProfileLeft K6SDCLG_CatProfile

Micro 9 Additions

Micro 9 ESV Micro9ESVBLK_Detail6 Following the popular TiN gold barrel trend, Kimber released the Micro 9 ESV with TiN gold coated barrel and ported slide. The ESV is offered in either black or gray KimPro II coated slide / frame. Item # - UPC - Description - Caliber - Retail 3300199 - 669278331997 - Micro 9 ESV (Black) (TiN Gold Barrel) - 9mm - $799 3300204 - 669278332048 - Micro 9 ESV (Gray) (TiCN Rose Copper Barrel) - 9mm - $799 Kimber’s release description:
THE MICRO 9TM GROUP of pistols put legendary Kimber de- pendability into a small 1911-like platform. 9mm power and simple operation make these pistols an ideal choice for many shooters. A wide variety of models are available, providing a selection of features that meet virtually any need. For 2019, the Micro 9 welcomes two ESV models with ported slides: Micro 9 ESV (BLACK) with a black frame and slide with gold Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated barrel, and Micro 9 ESV (GRAY) with a charcoal gray frame and slide with rose-copper Tita- nium CarboNitride (TiCN) coated barrel. Collectively, they are among the finest ultra-compact 9mm hammer-fired pistols anyone can carry.
Micro9ESVBLK_Detail1 Micro9ESVBLK_Detail2 Micro9ESVBLK_Detail3 Micro9ESVBLK_Detail4 Micro9ESVBLK_Detail5 Micro9ESVBLK_Detail6 Micro9ESVBLK_LeftProfile Micro9ESVBLK_RightProfile Micro9ESVGRY_CatProfile Micro9ESVGRY_Detail1 Micro9ESVGRY_Detail2 Micro9ESVGRY_Detail3 Micro9ESVGRY_Detail4 Micro9ESVGRY_Detail5 Micro9ESVGry_LeftProfile Micro9ESVGRY_RightProfile   Micro 9 KHX Micro9KHX_LeftProfile The Micro 9 KHX is the Micro version of the 1911 KHX with hexagonal slide serrations (looks like honey comb). Features of the Micro 9 KHX:
  • Ledger fiber optic sights for single hand operation and a bright sight picture
  • Rear serrations stair stepped in height for maximum grip surface
  • Hexagonal pattern serrations on slide
  • KimPro II coated frame and slide
  • Stiplex texture on front strap
  • Hogue G-Damascus G10 grips and mainspring housing
  • Ships with 7rd extended magazine
Item # - UPC - Description - Caliber - Retail 3300198 - 669278331980 - Micro 9 KHX - 9mm - $815 Micro9KHX_RightProfile Micro9KHX_LeftProfile Micro9KHX_Detail6 Micro9KHX_Detail5 Micro9KHX_Detail4 Micro9KHX_Detail3 Micro9KHX_Detail2 Micro9KHX_Detail1 Micro9KHX_CatProfile Micro (.380 ACP) Additions There have been a few additions to the Micro (.380 ACP) line: Item # - UPC - Description - Caliber - Retail 3300206 - 669278332062 - Micro™ Two-Tone (NS) - .380 ACP - $597 3300207 - 669278332079 - Micro Stainless Rosewood™ (NS) - .380 ACP - $597 3300208 - 669278332086 - Micro Desert Night™ (NS) - .380 ACP - $626 3300209 - 669278332093 - Micro Desert Tan™ (LG)(NS) - .380 ACP - $747 3300210 - 669278332109 - Micro Bel Air™ (NS) - .380 ACP - $802 3300211 - 669278332116 - Micro Crimson Carry™ (NS) - .380 ACP - $747  


Mountain Ascent (Subalpine) MountainAscentSubAlpine_LeftProfile Kimber released the Mountain Ascent (Subalpine) variation on their bolt action rifle line. Features include:
  • Fluted bolt handle and hollow bolt knob
  • Full-length Mauser claw extractor delivers superior controlled round feeding and extraction
  • Fluted bolt
  • Muzzle brake and thread protector, 7/16x28 thread pitch
  • Reinforced carbon fiber stock in soft touch Gore Optifade Subalpine
  • Fluted barrel
  • Barrel lengths vary from 24 - 26 inches
Item # - UPC - Action - Description - Caliber - Retail 3000869 - 669278308692 - 84M - Mountain Ascent™ (Subalpine) - .308 Win. - $2,082 3000871 - 669278308715 - 84L - Mountain Ascent™ (Subalpine) - .280 Ack. Imp. - $2,082 3000872 - 669278308722 - 84L - Mountain Ascent™ (Subalpine) - .30-06 Sprg. - $2,082 3000873 - 669278308739 - 8400 - Mountain Ascent™ (Subalpine) - 300 WSM - $2,082 3000870 - 669278308708 - 8400 - Mountain Ascent™ (Subalpine) - .300 Win. Mag. - $2,082 Kimber’s announcement description:
A TRUE MOUNTAIN RIFLE must be light and accurate—hard- core hunters understand. Mountain AscentTM models are among the lightest production big-game rifles ever offered, delivering legendary Kimber accuracy yet still weighing as little as 4 pounds, 13 ounces. Reinforced carbon fiber stocks add strength, and stainless steel shrugs the elements. All Kim- ber Mountain rifles offer a threaded barrel for optional use of muzzle brakes and suppressors. Featuring a combination of spiral fluted bolt body and hollow bolt knob, the Moun- tain Ascent rich with features, including a fluted barrel and muzzle brake to reduce felt recoil. 2019 finds the addition of the GoreTM OptifadeTM Subalpine soft-touch treatment to the stock. Optifade ring mounts and muzzle brake accessories are available separately. These rifles have no equal.
MountainAscentSubAlpine_LeftProfile MountainAscentSubAlpine_RightProfile MtnAscentSubAlpine_DetailActionSafety Hunter (Boot Campaign) The Hunter (Boot Campaign) received an additional caliber, 6.5 Creedmoor. Item # - UPC - Action - Description - Caliber - Retail 3700539 - 669278375397 - 84M - Hunter (Kryptek® Highlander, Boot Campaign) - 6.5 Creedmoor - $1,005 Kimber’s announcement description:
THE KIMBER HUNTER OFFERS our legendary accuracy and performance paired with a patent-pending synthetic stock and removeable box magazine. Paired with a barrel and action in finish that controls light reflection and a stock wrapped in Kryptek HighlanderTM, the Hunter (Boot Campaign) stands for something more. Our Boot Campaign rifle carries the Boot Campaign logo engraved on the barrel, and a portion of the proceeds go directly to this charity that works to help veter- ans across the United States. Chambered in a wide selection of calibers, this rifle family offers the ideal combinations for any type of game.
We will try to post updates and any additional information as it becomes available.
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