Limited Edition H&K MR27 Tribute Rifle Shipping Soon

Limited Edition H&K MR27 Tribute Rifle Shipping Soon
Limited Edition H&K MR27 Tribute Rifle Shipping Soon

In 2010, the US Marine Corps adopted the HKM27 as its new Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). The rifle is named for the 1st Marine Division, 2nd Batalion, 7th Regiment, that tested the rifles and IAR (infantry automatic rifle) concept for more than a decade. Replacing the M249 for rifle squads, the M27 was once declared, “The most tested weapon in the history of the Marine Corps.” 

The M27 has proven itself again and again, from the tet ranges of of Twentyine Palms to the Global War on Terror - and beyond. With its precision, durability, and reliability, the M27 expanded beyond the initial role of IAR. The M27 is fielded today as an IAR, precision rifle, general infantry rifle, and most recently as a short-bareled upper receiver Reconnaissance WeaponsKit (RWK). 

Now civilians can own a piece of Marine Corps history with a limited-run HKMR27, a civilian-legal tribute to the M27. The MR27 uses the same HK DNA and ofers the batlefield-proven reliability, durability, and precision of a worthy homage to such a proven military rifle. 

Only 1,000 MR27 Special Edition rifles will be ofered. 500 “Deployment Kits” will be kited as fielded by the Marine Corps including Blue Force Gear sling, Magpul magazine, Harisbipod, Knights Armament BUIS, Manta rail covers, and a combination Trijicon ACOG/RMR optic set. 

These kits should be arriving and available soon! If you would like to pre-order a rifle kit and lock one down under your name you can purchase it HERE on our webstore. If you are local you would be able to pick it up once they arrive (select In-Store PIckup) or we can ship it to a dealer of your choice for transfer.

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