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  • Revised Sig MCX Rattler Pistol Being Released

    Sig MCX Rattler Pistol

    Sig Sauer is releasing a revised version of the Sig MCX Rattler pistol chambered in .300 Blackout. At a quick glance, we're only seeing a change to the design of the brace.

    The old Rattler pistol had part number PMCX-300B-5B-TAP-PSB. The new Rattler has part number PMCX-300B-5B-TAP (UPC is 798681600182). Continue reading

  • Sig MCX Deployment Bag

    Sig has been quietly releasing some really nice new products to support their firearm platforms. We'll be posting some additional updates in the next week or so but this post will focus on Sig's new MCX bags.

    Sig MCX Deployment Bag - FDE

    There are two MCX bag variants with a total of three colors for each variant. The part numbers are as follows:

    Continue reading

  • New Releases from Sig Sauer


    We just received word that Sig Sauer is releasing a variety of new firearms based on existing lines. Also coming are some new accessories.

    Something that stands out is the addition of keymod rails on various rifles as well as the MPX. Sig is using -km in the part number to denote keymod. Also note that the MPX Carbine is official (16" barrel).

    Interestingly the P226 9mm Equinox is back on the list. That pistol was available for order in 2014 and then pulled from the first 2015 price list but is now back on the most recent price list.

    Also coming are gray P320 / P250 grip shells!

    Prices listed are MSRP. Continue reading

  • Video: MCX at Range Day - SHOT Show 2015

    Below is a quick video of Sig's MCX which we were able to demo at Sig's Range Day event at SHOT Show 2015.

    The MCX is a very modular rifle offering the ability for the end user to change calibers (with a barrel / bolt swap), handguard, and stock easily. The upper can be installed on a mil-spec AR-15 lower and doesn't require a buffer or buffer spring and this allows for the flexibility in folding / telescoping stocks.

  • Sig's MCX Carbine

    Sig Sauer MCXWe've known for some time now about the MCX (Mission Configurable Weapon System) thanks to Sig's Instagram account. Sig Sauer is making it more official now though and we're seeing a lot of information become available. For those familiar with Sig's 556 line, the MCX is much like an evolution to that line. The 556 requires a proprietary lower (and the upper is serialized instead of the lower) but it is a short stroke piston system. The advantage to the MCX is that it will run on a regular AR-15 lower. Continue reading

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