New Nighthawk Custom Ladyhawk 2.0

New Nighthawk Custom Ladyhawk 2.0
New Nighthawk Custom Ladyhawk 2.0
Nighthawk-Ladyhawk20 Just released from Nighthawk!
Nighthawk Custom, is pleased to announce its first of several new models for 2018, by revamping the top selling Ladyhawk line. The new Ladyhawk 2.0 is the first major upgrade to this series of pistols. The slim framed commander sized gun has been a huge hit with women who desire high quality handguns designed for smaller hands. Available in both 9mm and 45acp, as no cost options, this gun supports full powered modern ammunition in a thin framed package. What makes the Ladyhawk 2.0 different however, are it’s aesthetic elements. Shooters have been asking for more feminine colors and styes to match the unique craftsmanship provided by Nighthawk Custom. The Ladyhawk 2.0 marries modern coating options like DLC and Rose Gold TICN with Obsidian, Abalone and Zinc. Here are just some of the features: • Finish: DLC with Rose Gold TICN finish on controls and barrel • Grips – Custom Obsidian, Abalone, and Zinc • Forged commander size frame and 4.25" barrel (also available with an officer size frame) • Match grade 9mm barrel (also available in .45 ACP as a no-cost option) • Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Tritium night sights • Thinned front strap and mainspring housing • Serrated slide top • Scalloped front strap and mainspring housing • 40 lines per inch serrated rear of slide to match rear sight • Shortened slide stop and beveled frame • Crowned barrel flush with bushing • Lightweight aluminum Nighthawk Custom tri-cavity trigger • New ultra hi-cut front strap • Completely dehorned for comfortable carry • Heinie recoil spring plug Retail price on the Nighthawk Custom Ladyhawk 2.0 is $4695 with dealer and online orders being fulfilled starting today.
We will have these in stock as soon as possible! See all our current in-stock Nighthawk inventory.
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