New P365 15rd Mag Coming + New Coyote P320 Grips

Sig P365 15rd Magazine
New P365 15rd Mag Coming + New Coyote P320 Grips
Quick new product update! Sig P365 15rd Magazine We received news that Sig Sauer is going to be releasing an extended 15rd magazine for the P365. Obviously it will extend longer than the 12rd magazine. We're told they should start shipping from Sig sometime in the next couple months. We don't have a photo yet but will post one as soon as we can obtain a mag or photo. We've got the new magazine listed on our website where you can enter your email address to get a stock notification. The part number is MAG-365-9-15. Given the huge success of the P365 and popularity of the 12rd magazine, we are sure these will sell out pretty quickly. We've got a pretty large initial order in place so we hope to get an early delivery. If you need P365 12rd magazines, you can order them in our online store now. We also have the P365 handgun with free shipping! In addition to the new magazine, we are also expecting new Coyote grip modules soon. Sig is actually releasing X-Carry and X-Full grip modules for the P320 but we're told that they'll be offering them in both small and large size which would be the first time they've offered multiple sizes. If you aren't familiar, the grip size is the circumference of the grip. They offer small, medium, and large on their standard grips to accommodate differing hand sizes. Part numbers on the grips are as follows:
  • GRIP-MODX-CA-943-LG-COY - X-Carry Large
  • GRIP-MODX-CA-943-SM-COY - X-Carry Small
  • GRIP-MODX-F-943-LG-COY - X-Full Large
  • GRIP-MODX-F-943-SM-COY - X-Full Small
We don't know how soon these will begin shipping but we have already placed an order. We'll post updates here when we list these on our website. Update 5-24-19 This photo was posted on Instagram by John Hollister: Sig P365 15rd Magazine
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