New OCG Retail Store Photos

We’ve been posting photos on our Facebook and Instagram accounts showing off our new retail store and we wanted to share the photos on our website as well.

We’ve settled into our new building and are holding our soft open until some back ordered inventory arrives (many more firearms and about 20 full size safes). We’re expecting to hold a large grand opening in late June and are working to finalize the dates. Once we’ve set the date we’ll post an update.

We’d love for you to come out and visit our store. We’re located about an hour northwest of St. Louis in Wright City, MO and we’re right on the frontage road of Interstate 70. See us on Google Maps.

Below are photos of the interior of our store showing off much of the wonderful product we have to offer.

OCG-Retail-043019-3 OCG-Retail-043019-18


OCG-Retail-043019-31 OCG-Retail-043019-34 OCG-Retail-043019-35 OCG-Retail-043019-36 OCG-Retail-043019-37 OCG-Retail-043019-38 OCG-Retail-043019-40 OCG-Retail-043019-41 OCG-Retail-043019-43 Sig-P210A-9-TGT-042519-5

IMG_6595 IMG_6599 IMG_6630 IMG_6632 IMG_6637 IMG_6638 IMG_6679 IMG_6891 IMG_6892 IMG_6893 IMG_6894 IMG_6895


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