New Sig P250 / P320 Full Size 21rd Extended Lenght Magazine

Sig just started shipping a new magazine for the P320 and P250. The extended length full size 9mm magazine gives you 21 rounds, adding four to the full size 9mm mag.

The part number is MAG-MOD-F-9-21. These will sell for around $58.00.

See availability and order in our online store. You can add your email for notification if we are out of stock.

MAG-MOD-F-9-21-001 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-002 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-003 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-004 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-005 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-006 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-007 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-008 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-009 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-010 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-011 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-012 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-013 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-014 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-015 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-016 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-017 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-018 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-019 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-020 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-021 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-022 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-023 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-024 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-025 MAG-MOD-F-9-21-026

5 thoughts on “New Sig P250 / P320 Full Size 21rd Extended Lenght Magazine

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    1. OCG Post author

      It will but it won’t fit flush. There will be a gap between the bottom of the grip module and the top of the magazine’s extension floor plate.


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