New Sig Sauer P365 XL!

365-9-XLWe’ve heard rumblings for the first part of this year that Sig was going to release a new P365 pistol but we didn’t know what it would be. We saw some rumors that there might be a P365 Legion and then logically a longer slide would be awesome. Well that’s what Sig is releasing… The P365 XL.

The part number is 365XL-9-BXR3 and UPC code is 798681618798.

The Sig Sauer P365 is a larger P365 with longer slide and taller grip. It has a 12rd flush fit magazine where the standard P365 has a 12rd magazine. Out of the box it comes with a flat trigger too!

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Please note that we’re working off of very limited information and most of what we know is based on the sell sheet and visual observations of the new pistol. Specs, timing and features are subject to change.

Estimated shipping to start sometime around July or August and quantities will be very limited. We’ve added the P365 XL to our online store where you can add your email address for stock notifications (and order when available). View it now: 365XL-9-BXR3


  • XSeries P365 Grip Module with Integrated Carry Magwell and Extended Beavertail
  • Flat Trigger with a 90 Degree Break
  • Optic Ready Slide Compatible with Romeo Zero and RMSc Optics
  • XRay3 Day/Night Sights
  • 3.7” Barrel for Increased Accuracy While Retaining Concealability.
  • (2) 12rd Steel Magazines

As you see above, Sig is releasing a new Micro sized optic called the Romeo Zero. We don’t know how far out they are for production but suspect the P365 XL will be released well before the Romeo Zero.

Sig Sauer Romeo Zero

Below is the sell / spec sheet from Sig on the new P365 XL. We’ll submit orders immediately but we will not accept customer orders until they start shipping to us. Availability will be extremely limited early on.

Sig P365 XL Sell Sheet

Based on what we’re seeing above, we believe this is a taller grip and has the longer flush fit 12rd magazine. We are expecting the current P365 10rd magazines will not fit in this one. We’ll post more details when they become available. We are interested to see if there is interchangeability with the current P365 grip module or if the P365 XL slide will fit on a regular P365 frame.

There are quite a few questions we have that we’ll try to get answered and share here as an update when we receive information. Some of those questions are below. Feel free to leave comments and we’ll attempt to get your questions answered too.

  • Will current P365 12rd magazines work in this model or can the sleeve be removed so the mags fit in the P365 XL?
  • Can slides be interchanged between the P365 XL and regular P365?
  • Will there be a manual safety version?
  • Will the fire control unit fit in a regular P365 grip module (which would allow the use of 10rd mags)?

Also new and coming: Sig P320 X5 Legion


We had a request for a comparison of the regular P365 to the XL. The photos were shot from different angles so they aren’t perfect. It gives a rough visual estimate:

Sig P365 vs P365 XL Sig P365 vs P365 XL Sig P365 vs P365 XL

Sig P365 vs P365 XL Animation

Shop for P365 related products on our store:

Update 7/1/2019: Sig Sauer has started shipping the P365 XL. We received notification overnight that the first batch is on its way to our store. They will be in short supply initially so please be patient if you’re seeking one. You can order (when in stock) on our store’s P365 XL product page.

Update 7/2/19: The first shipment of P365 XL pistols has been received and we shot some comparison photos between the P365 XL and regular P365. We also compare them with the various magazine offerings and show you the difference in size on the magazines.

Sig P365 XL Sig P365 XL Sig P365 XL Sig P365 XL Sig P365 XL

Sig P365 Magazine Well

Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig-P365XL-P365-24 Sig P365 XL vs P365 Sig P365 XL vs P365 Sig P365 XL vs P365 Sig P365 XL vs P365 Sig P365 XL vs P365 Sig P365 XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365 Sig P365XL vs P365Sig P365 Magazine Comparison Sig P365 Magazine Comparison Sig P365 Magazine Comparison Sig P365 Magazine Comparison Sig P365 Magazine Comparison

Update 7/10/19: We had an opportunity to shoot a P365 XL and our initial impressions are excellent. We were able to confirm that you can swap slides on the P365 and P365 XL and they function flawlessly. The grip on the P365 XL feels excellent in your hand. The trigger is very crisp and the pistol really shoots well for a handgun that is still relatively small. We will post a video as soon as possible showing the slides swapped. There is still no word as of this update on ordering stand alone P365 XL grip modules, P365 XL slides or conversion kits, or 12rd flush fit P365 XL magazines. We will order and stock any of these components if and when they become available.

34 thoughts on “New Sig Sauer P365 XL!

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  3. Thom Kohn

    How does the new 365 compair to the p938 in size, I know that the original 365 is a bit smaller than the P938
    And the big question is will it have a safety.

  4. Robert

    If they would of put a 1913 rail in the gun omg, it would be hands down the greatest gun of the century

    1. Dale

      I’m glad it has no 1913 rail which would make it snag. The 5% of people who put a light or laser on a carry can get one that fits the smooth custom rail, or can get an adapter that converts the rail to 1913. The shield had no rail neither does g43

    1. Daren Tichenor

      Looks like they’re actually going after the G19 with this. With a compact grip, 12-15 round capacity, and being optics ready, it’ll take on the G19 MOS too.

    2. Jeremy

      Glock is actually behind in the game on this one and still didn’t accomplish what Sig has, the G43X/48 came out after P365 and Sig just stepped it up a notch on their pre-existing model resulting in the 365xl.
      365 10 rounds in a grip size of a G43
      365xl 12 rounds in grip size smaller than G43x/48 & 365xl
      G43 6 rounds
      G43x/48 10 rounds
      G43x/48 added MOS model after Sigs 364XL
      Glock triggers suck even after dropping $300+ into em
      Im a Glock fan but am 2nd guessing that now.
      Same prices out of the box but Sig has better sights and trigger (even after dumping hundreds into a Glock). Puts Glock waaay behind here all around.

  5. Robert Maletta

    While l like the look of the Sig P365 XL l purchase my Sig P365 because of the size and with 2 12 round magazines the grip is perfect conceals well under a tee shirt with a good OWB holster the problem with the XL for conceal carry is grip height for me anything over 5 inches high is hard to conceal without printing plus there are many options in the size of the XL with quality guns at good prices it will have to compete with one is the Walther PPQ SC last gun show they were on sale for 399 and Walther P99c was 339 l payed 499 for my P365 and I’m thinking this XL with a flat trigger will be at least 599 but over time may come down to 550-525

      1. Robert Maletta

        That’s good because anything any longer prints like hell with a good OWB holster tight to the body under a tee shirt for me in Florida you don’t wear a jacket very much and don’t care for IWB carry l also wear it in the 2 o’clock position because l don’t like the gun being behind me to easy for someone to strip it from you if worn in front it’s much easier to fight them off at least for me

    1. OCG Post author

      The regular P365 isn’t milled for an optic so it would not be compatible unless you have your slide milled to accept it. We haven’t heard if Sig plans on offering a regular P365 with optics cut.

  6. Joe Flowers

    Do slides interchange?
    Will the 365 FCU work in the 365XL frame module?
    We are DYING TO KNOW!!!

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  8. David O'Neal

    Any word yet on the 365XL grip module? I need that and the flat base plate for one of my 12 round magazines to make a 365X.

    1. OCG Post author

      Yes. We were finally able to place a large order for them but it will probably still be a month or more before they ship to us. We also ordered the 12rd mag flush floor plates and will have those available too.

  9. Bud B

    That is Great News about the P365 XL Grip Modules.
    Let’s hope that OCG and Us will see them sooner than later!
    When there is a “Notify Me” link per OCG I’ll definitely sign up for that.

  10. Bud B

    Any news on P365 XL 12 Round Magazines?
    Some have speculated that they will never be available and that Sig expects that XL owners purchase a P365 12 round magazine and install a XL Floor Plate to it.

    1. OCG Post author

      We are told that there will be floor plates available and that in the future, 12rd mags should come with two floor plates like the 15rd. To date, we have not received any with the second floor plate for the XL.

  11. DG

    Great news on the grip module becoming available.

    Have you heard any rumblings on the XL slide assembly being offered as a stand-alone product, with or without the Romeo 0?

    1. OCG Post author

      We recently attempted to order XL slides or slide kits but couldn’t convince Sig to sell them yet. We think they may offer a conversion kit next year and I also believe they will offer a P365 XL with RomeoZero pre-installed. That is likely a SHOT Show release if we were to guess.

  12. Bud B

    Any update on the P365XL Grip Modules?

    I have seen the XL Grip show up at a different vendor..but I want to purchase from OCG.

  13. Bud B

    Delta Point Pro fit on the Sig P365XL?
    NO The P365XL is milled for the Romeo 0 or the Shield RMSc
    The Delta Point Pro being a “Full Size” Red Dot Like the Romeo 1 would stick off the sides of the XL a lot.


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