Revised Sig MPX with PSB Shipping

Sig MPX with Brace Revisedsig-mpx-p-9-psb-revision

Sig Sauer has started shipping a revised version of the MPX-P-9-PSB, the pistol with side folding buffer tube adapter and pistol brace attached.

It seems there were some concerns about the functionality of the hinge that allowed some play when the brace was folded preventing it to securely lock in that position.

The revised version remedies that issue.

Below are additional photos of the revised model.MPX-P-9-PSB-02 MPX-P-9-PSB-03 MPX-P-9-PSB-04 MPX-P-9-PSB-05 MPX-P-9-PSB-06 MPX-P-9-PSB-07 MPX-P-9-PSB-08 MPX-P-9-PSB-09 MPX-P-9-PSB-10 MPX-P-9-PSB-11 MPX-P-9-PSB-12 MPX-P-9-PSB-13 MPX-P-9-PSB-14 MPX-P-9-PSB-15 MPX-P-9-PSB-16


4 thoughts on “Revised Sig MPX with PSB Shipping

  1. Dialed

    I have read a lot of complaints about SIG fit and finish and/or poor machining tolerances lately and based on the hideous gap between the upper and lower of the “revised” version shown here I can see why. That is completely absurd. I am sure some SIG fan will say it is intentional for this or that ridiculous reason but there is just no excuse. I have seen people build an 80% lower in a vise with a drill and a file and they fit to their upper better than that. One more good reason to make sure you can inspect a firearm before you pay for it.

  2. Larry Herzog

    I bought an mpx from you earlier last year. My stock will not lock when folded. Is Sig replacing these braces or is their a kit Sig will supply or am I out of luck. Thanks, Larry

    1. OCG Post author

      I haven’t heard anything on that issue. I recommend calling Sig’s customer service line to see if they’re able to help. I believe that number is 603-418-8102.


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