SHOT 2016 – Sig Range Day

Sig Range Day

SHOT Show 2016 is already under way! Today I had the opportunity to see and shoot a few of Sig’s new offerings!

We already know about a few new releases coming from Sig:

  • P220 Legion .45 ACP (it was on display at Range Day but it had G10 pirahna grips instead of the proper Legion grips – those should be on it later in the week)
  • Sig P210 Target and P210 Classic – Made in the US
  • P320 Target with 5″ barrel
  • P227 Stainless Elite

Sig P210 - US Made

Sig P320 Target 5" Barrel

Sig P227 Stainless Elite

I’m sure there will be a few more new releases as well. The P210’s aren’t in production yet but are about 90% ready for production. I believe the P220 Legion is going to be available pretty soon and have to try to obtain a release date for the P320 Target.

It is also interesting that the P210 doesn’t carry the Legend name like the final production that shipped from Germany to the US over the last few years. As I was reviewing the video of the P210 from the range I caught something I missed earlier. The Academy team member overseeing the P210’s mentions that they are making a 6″ and 4″ version of the P210.

I expect the P220 Legion to receive similar features as the P226 and P229 DA/SA Legion models and will have additional information this week.

The P320 RX was on display and available for demo as well. Below are photos from the Range Day event. We will have more news and coverage from Sig Sauer’s booth tomorrow and throughout the week.

It sounds like Sig is working on X-Series production in New Hampshire as well but I’m not sure how far away from full production the line is. I understand that there will likely be three models when first released and the supporting accessories will be available at launch too (many who bought German X5 Enhanced models are still waiting for those accessories).

Bruce-Gray-Kyle-Lamb-2 Sig-P320-RX1

Some other big news today from Sig is that Kyle Lamb and Lena Miculek have join Team Sig, Sig’s shooting team.Sig-Range-Day-001 Sig-Range-Day-002 Sig-Range-Day-003 Sig-Range-Day-004 Sig-Range-Day-005 Sig-Range-Day-007 Sig-Range-Day-008 Sig-Range-Day-009 Sig-Range-Day-010 Sig-Range-Day-011 Sig-Range-Day-012 Sig-Range-Day-013 Sig-Range-Day-014 Sig-Range-Day-015 Sig-Range-Day-016 Sig-Range-Day-017 Sig-Range-Day-018 Sig-Range-Day-019 Sig-Range-Day-020 Sig-Range-Day-021 Sig-Range-Day-022 Sig-Range-Day-023 Sig-Range-Day-024 Sig-Range-Day-025 Sig-Range-Day-026 Sig-Range-Day-027 Sig-Range-Day-028 Sig-Range-Day-029 Sig-Range-Day-030 Sig-Range-Day-031 Sig-Range-Day-032 Sig-Range-Day-033 Sig-Range-Day-034 Sig-Range-Day-036 Sig-Range-Day-037


2 thoughts on “SHOT 2016 – Sig Range Day

  1. Overkill

    Overall pretty happy with what Sig is doing, though would like to see the Legion P227 and 716 added to their offerings.

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