Sig MCX Deployment Bag

Sig has been quietly releasing some really nice new products to support their firearm platforms. We’ll be posting some additional updates in the next week or so but this post will focus on Sig’s new MCX bags.

Sig MCX Deployment Bag - FDE

There are two MCX bag variants with a total of three colors for each variant. The part numbers are as follows:

The regular MCX rifle bag and the deployment bags are the same. The difference is that the deployment bags have extra Velcro backed pouches that hold magazines, cleaning supplies and barrels / Caliber X-Change Kits.

The standard bags are currently priced at $160 and the deployment bags are $219. You can view each bag on our web store using the links above and shipping is free.

I’ve noticed that Sig has put a lot of emphasis on the quality of these bags (along with some of their other new items). The canvas is very good quality and the bags are very firm, despite being a soft bag. The outer lining of the bag is roughly an inch thick and provides significant protection to the weapon you are carrying.

In our overview video, below, we give you a pretty good look at the bags including the measurements. The bag is right about 36″ wide on the exterior and 34″ on the interior.

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