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Sig M17

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Sig to start accepting orders and shipping the P320 M17 and it looks like the wait is over.

We just received news that Sig has started accepting orders from dealers on three P320 variants. You can click the part numbers below to see the products on our website and subscribe for stock notifications (and order when in stock).

Sig P320 M17 Commemorative

M17-Commemorative (UPC 798681586318) shown above – Limited edition M17 with manual safety,  4.7″ barrel, FDE controls, custom serial number, certificate of authenticity and challenge coin. There will be a total of 5,000 manufactured. Two 21rd and one 17rd magazines are included. These should start shipping on or shortly after 7/26/18. This should also have markings on the barrel, slide, and fire control unit saying “US Government” or something similar. This will also have the UID code next to the serial number (the commercial units below will not have the UID or US Government markings).

320F-9-M17 (UPC 798681582679) – Standard production commercial M17 variant with 4.7″ barrel, coyote tan finish, SIGLite night sights with DP Pro Plate (removable plate for mounting Leupold Delta Point Pro), two 17rd magazines and no thumb safety. The controls (safety, trigger, slide catch lever) are black. Shipments on this model may not start until quarter 4 of 2018.

320F-9-M17-MS (UPC 798681582686) – Standard production commercial M17 variant with 4.7″ barrel, coyote tan finish, SIGLite night sights with DP Pro Plate (removable plate for mounting Leupold Delta Point Pro), two 17rd magazines and includes thumb safety. The controls (safety, trigger, slide catch lever) are black. This will be the most similar model to the military M17 aside from the commemorative limited edition model. Shipping is anticipated to start around or shortly after  7/26/2018.

The graphics in this post are from Sig’s 2018 catalog. The photo below shows coyote tan controls but we do not believe Sig will be shipping either standard commercial variant with coyote tan controls. We understand they will be black. We will post additional photos and specs as they become available.

Sig 2018 M17 Catalog Sig 2018 M17 Catalog

Update 4:01 PM 7/17/18: sell sheet is available with more details on the commemorative (below):

Sig P320 M17 Sell Sheet Sig P320 M17 Sell Sheet

Sig M17 Detail Photos sig-m17-commemorative-sights

Update 7-20-18: There is a Talo distributor exclusive all black variant called the P320 M17 Bravo. The part number is 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO and UPC is 798681594115. This variant will have the thumb safety, night sights with removable Delta Point Pro rear plate and will ship with two 17rd mags. Photo below:


The M17 Bravo won’t be as readily available since we cannot order them from Sig Sauer directly but we will attempt to acquire some through distribution.

Sig’s official press release on the Commemorative M17 is below:

Newington, N.H. (July 19, 2018) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the limited release of the M17-Commemorative Edition of the U.S. Army’s M17 official service pistol, a variant of the SIG SAUER P320. The M17-Commemorative pistol shares the same components, coatings, and markings as the firearm that was awarded the U.S. Army contract for the modular handgun system (MHS).

Only 5,000 M17-Commemorative Edition pistols have been produced for sale, and each SIG SAUER M17-Commemorative pistol is serialized M17-0001 through M17-5000 and includes the Army’s required unique identifier (UID). The M17 is sold in the same cardboard packaging as delivered to the U.S. Army. From the pistol to the packaging, the M17-Commemorative Edition is identical to the U.S. Army’s official M17 service pistol.

“The U.S. Army’s selection of the M17 earned the SIG SAUER P320 a place in history. It’s regarded as one of the world’s most influential firearms as it enters service with America’s Armed Forces across the globe,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The M17 is the culmination of SIG SAUER’s steadfast commitment to providing the military with the very best, and our determination to never settle. We are excited that collectors and civilians have an opportunity to participate in this history.”

Upon registration of the M17-Commemorative pistol the purchaser will receive an official certificate of authenticity and commemorative challenge coin, both with serial numbers matching the purchased M17-Commemorative pistol.

The M17-Commemorative is a 9mm, striker-fired pistol, and comes with two 21-round magazines and one 17-round magazine. The pistol features a coyote-tan PVD coated stainless steel slide with the same optic cut as specified by the MHS contract, coyote-tan colored controls just like the original pistols shipped to the 101st Airborne, and a manual safety. The M17 is equipped with a SIGLITE front night sight and removable Night Sight rear plate. The M17-Commemorative comes with a coyote-tan carry-length grip module.

The M17-Commemorative Specs:

  • Total length: 8”
  • Barrel length: 4.7”
  • Weight (incl. 17-rd magazine): 29.6 oz.
  • Height: 5.5”
  • Width: 1.3”
  • Sight radius: 6.6”

MSRP: $1,122.00

The M17-Commemorative is shipping to stores in August 2018.

To compliment the M17-Commemorative, an exclusive M17 Collector’s Case is available for purchase separately at The case is a solid cherry box, with dark mahogany stain, a tempered glass top, a brushed nickel latch, and a keyhole back for optional wall-hanging. The M17 Collector’s Case features a slate-grey flocked foam insert with an affixed US Army logo, and precision laser placement cuts for the M17 pistol, the official serialized M17-Commemorative Certificate of Authenticity, and the serialized M17-Commemorative Challenge Coin.

Update 7/23/2018: We’ve started a pre-order for the M17 Commemorative. Click here to view the product page / pre-order. You can pre-order on our site until it shows out of stock. At that time we won’t accept orders until after the units have been delivered to us.

Update 7/24/2018: We’ve sold out of all pre-order slots on the M17 Commemorative.

Update 10-8-2018: The firearms are not marked US Government as originally communicated to us. They have the unique military MFR / PN number markings. The commercial units do have a 5 digit serial number and smaller UID tag than the Commemorative model.

The commercial M17 Bravo and manual safety versions are already shipping.

Below are comparison photos showing the difference between the commercial and Commemorative pistols we received.


Below are photos of the M17 Bravo:

320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-04 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-05 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-06 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-07 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-08 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-09 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-10 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-11 320F-9-M17-MS-BRAVO-12 Below are photos of the M17 with manual safety (commercial model):

320F-9-M17-MS-04 320F-9-M17-MS-05 320F-9-M17-MS-06 320F-9-M17-MS-07 320F-9-M17-MS-08 320F-9-M17-MS-09 320F-9-M17-MS-10 320F-9-M17-MS-11 320F-9-M17-MS-12 320F-9-M17-MS-13 320F-9-M17-MS-14 320F-9-M17-MS-15 320F-9-M17-MS-16

6 thoughts on “Sig P320 M17 Shipping Soon

  1. Pingback: SIG SAUER SUMMER – Civilian M17 Ready For Release - Survival Patch

    1. thomas crenshaw

      Of course they have to release this literally one week before we go on a family vacation. Fingers crossed it won’t be out of stock in two months when I can afford it again….

  2. Mike D.

    Been really looking forward to this! Any idea if this will be available with 10rd mags? I happen to live in one of those unfortunate states.

    1. OCG Post author

      We haven’t seen any offerings from Sig with 10rd magazines but we might be able to swap the magazines to 10rd. The only issue is that the 10rd mags have black floor plates / base pads. If those can be swapped from the high-capacity mags to the 10rd magazines, we’d work with you on that.

      1. Mike D.

        I appreciate the response. If a swap is possible, and they’re compatible, I’m perfectly fine with black mag bases. Was even considering picking up a black grip module for it eventually anyway. Will check back when they’re in stock.


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