Sig P320 / P250 Magazine Floor Plate Updates

Sig just started shipping the new X5 and X-Carry grip shells. We ran a pre-order and started filling those orders last week. A few customers received the grip shells and reached out to us because their 21rd (MAG-MOD-F-9-21) and 17rd (MAG-MOD-F-9-17) magazines wouldn’t fit / lock into the grip shells.

We did some checking and realized that Sig is updating the magazine floor plates making the tabs on the sides of the floor plates thinner.

The magazines still use the same part numbers as the old magazines so it is important to pay attention to the floor plate if you’re going to be using the mags in a new X5 or X-Carry grip shell.

Below are photos of the different magazines for comparison. The most recent iteration has the round Sig logo with the squared (instead of round) cutout for the the magazine floorplate insert.

The mag on the left below (from my P250) is an older MAG-MOD-F-9-17. The middle is the “first gen” 21rd (MAG-MOD-F-9-21) and the one on the right is the newer “second gen” 21rd mag (MAG-MOD-F-9-21). Note that we’re calling those first and second gen but we don’t believe Sig is officially giving them generation designations.


P320-Mag-Change-02 P320-Mag-Change-03

The magazine below is the newer style MAG-MOD-F-9-17 with updated design. Behind it is the the older mag.P320-Mag-Change-13

Below is the older style magazine in the X-Carry grip shell. It doesn’t seat. Behind it you see the newer style mag with updated floor plate.P320-Mag-Change-12

Below on the left is the older style mag and the newer style mag on the right.P320-Mag-Change-11

Below on the left is the older style mag and the newer style mag on the right. P320-Mag-Change-10

Below is the old style mag.P320-Mag-Change-09

Below is the newer 21rd mag.P320-Mag-Change-08

Below is the newer 21rd mag. P320-Mag-Change-07

Below is the older 21rd mag. P320-Mag-Change-06

Below is the newer 21rd mag with the newer one on the right. P320-Mag-Change-05

Newer mag in the grip on the right and older mag behind on the left.P320-Mag-Change-04

For further comparison, below is a photo of an original P250 magazine floor plate (no tabs). We checked and mags with these floor plates also do not work in the new X-Carry and X-5 grip shells.

Original-P250-Floor-Plate-001 Original-P250-Floor-Plate-002 Original-P250-Floor-Plate-003 In the last week we have received a few MAG-MOD-F-9-17 and MAG-MOD-F-43-14 mags and they have the updated floor plates but the part numbers didn’t change so it will make differentiating mixed inventory a bit difficult.

20 thoughts on “Sig P320 / P250 Magazine Floor Plate Updates

  1. James MacDonald

    Are replacement floorplates & retainers available?

    Excellent explanation of differences. Excellent photography.


    1. OCG Post author

      We’ve got an inquiry into Sig on this. Waiting for a response. If you have mags and need floor plates / inserts, we recommend calling Sig (until we’re able to determine if we can buy them).

        1. OCG Post author

          Sig has finally started offering new floor plates. The part number and info is: KIT-MOD-MAG-FLR-PLT-BLK – 798681591862 – FLOOR PLATE, MAGAZINE, FULL SIZE/COMPACT, SNAP, BLK

          1. John

            Do you have these floor Plates in stock? I would be very interested in purchasing. Thanks

  2. Harley Meiroff

    Thanks for the excellent explanation of the P320 floor plate situation. Will a 15 round mag with the updated floor plate function in a full size X frame?

    1. OCG Post author

      A 15rd mag won’t because it is a compact mag. You want a 17rd full size mag – that should fit assuming it has the updated floor plate.

  3. Ronney Le Compte

    To Harley’s comment; You should be able to use the 15 round updated floor plate and retainer on your 17 round magazine, so it could be used on the X series firearm, and the Gen1 floor plate and retainer off your 17 round magazine should work on your 15 round compact frames (compact frames do not need the tapered tabs) !

    1. OCG Post author

      We’re not familiar with those base pads / floor plates. It would depend on the design and if they have tabs like Sig’s older OEM mags.

  4. Dave

    I just wish Sig would make up their minds about these kind of things and figure all this out before introducing the guns. Who wants to buy a gun and then have to keep updating parts and magazines, grips, upgrades etc. This is nuts!

    1. OCG Post author

      If you are not changing the grip module to the X-Carry or X5 grip, you’re fine and there is no need to change the floor plates.

  5. John

    Ref. Sig P320 extended magazine floorplates. No updated .40 S&W’s Mags can be found in the “new” version (that will fit new X-Carry Grip Module) HOWERVER the 9mm versions (21rnds) are out in the “new” design (will fit the X-Carry grip). Thus, as my X-Carry grip is on my 320 40 S&W cal., I swapped the floor plates of the Factory 9mm extended (21rnds) to my Factory 40 S&W cal. extended (18rnds) and it works! Now Sig needs to release the “new” floor plates to update older version magazines!!

    1. Rich

      Agree, Would like to convert the grip module 357 full size to the X-5 but I do not see any 40/357 gen 2 mags or base plates for sale?
      Any word on if Sig will produce these?

  6. cody

    I just bought the X5 grip module for my standard P320F and filed out the inside of the mag well on the X5 grip module until my original issued 17 & 21 round mags fit. No need to buy anything else as it takes all mags of the correct length regardless of base design.

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  8. Thomas Perez

    I noticed this when I bought the new x compact grip for my 1st P320, it did state on the website that they would not work with sig sauer branded plates. After a quick 1nce over I determined the same thing you did, base pads have a thicker bevel just above floor plate, wouldn’t it be possible to grind down that couple mm with a Dremel tool to make them fit?

  9. Ralph

    I have a regular Sig P320 Carry with 17 round mag & old style base plate. I want to convert the regular grip into a X-grip compact but want to also convert the old 17 round mag to fit the X-grip compact grip. What type of new mag base plate/adapter & spacer would I specifically need?


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