Sig P365 Model Change

Sig P365 X-Ray 3 365-9-BXR3

Reports started appearing on Facebook over the last week that some (not all) of the first P365’s shipped had defective front night sights (they didn’t glow in low light). A relatively small total quantity of P365’s have shipped to date (total quantity unknown but likely between 200 and 500). As more consumers received some of these early produced pistols, a few more reports popped up that front sights were defective.

The following was messaged by Sig (published by Phil Strader) on Facebook in the group Sig Sauer P365:

From SIG SAUER: Due to the overwhelming response and demand for the new high-capacity micro compact P365, we are running low in SIGLITE sight inventory. We have also received a few calls regarding SIGLITE sights failing to activate properly in the P365 model. Though these calls have been rare and supply will soon catch-up with demand, we believe it is vital to take a proactive and aggressive posture whenever it comes to customer satisfaction. This is why effective immediately we are upgrading all P365 sights to our X-RAY sights, which are the ideal solution for low light conditions, everyday carry, and any duty handgun.

The X-RAY sight will be the new standard night sight shipping on all P365s.

If you are a P365 owner and interested in upgrading your sights, please contact SIG SAUER Customer Service at (603) 610-3000, option #1 and the new sights will be mailed out to you.

We appreciate all of our customer’s feedback. If you experience any other issues with your P365, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. It’s a brand new pistol, and there will be bumps in the road initially, but we’re committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied.

Last Friday we made a post that Sig was adding a second variant of P365 with XRay3 sights. At that time, it was our understanding that there were going to be two offerings, one with night sights and one with XRay3 sights. There was no mention on Friday that Sig was going to stop shipping -BSS models and only ship XRay3 variants. It does not sound like Sig communicated to our rep that they there would be any changes or I expect we’d have been properly briefed.

Moving forward, Sig is converting all dealer orders of 365-9-BSS to 365-9-BXR3. We don’t know if they will build the 365-9-BSS later this year or in the future. As such, we are marking this part number as discontinued. We’re attempting to migrate the list of customers that requested stock notifications on the 365-9-BSS to the 365-9-BXR3 part number.

See the 365-9-BXR3 on our online store and sign up for stock notifications there.


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  3. Teddy Warrick

    I have one on order at Brownells just wish I know around how long it’s going to be before it ships…….Teddy Warrick


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