Sig P938 Legion and P238 Legion Coming

Sig Sauer P938 Legion

Back in May we mentioned that Sig was going to be releasing the P938 and P238 in Legion flavors. Today they started taking dealer orders on both models and they’ve released product sheets on them.

The features of the two new Legions were pretty predictable. They’re very much like the SAS versions but with all the Legion treatment including magazine wells (which neither the P238 or P938 have featured in the past).

We’re waiting to confirm if the pistols have ambidextrous safeties since that is not specified in the product sheets or the part numbers (P938’s normally end in -AMBI and all P938’s have the ambi safety).

Both models share these features:

  • Cerakote Legion Gray coated slide and frame
  • New precision machined aluminum trigger
  • Extended magazine well
  • Custom high checkered black G-10 grips with Legion medallion
  • X-Ray 3 day / night sights
  • Front cocking serrations
  • Ships with 3x 7rd extended length magazines

Sig P238 Legion

Part number: 238-380-LEGION (click part number to see the pistol on our store)
UPC code: 798681582525

Sig P238 Legion Sell Sheet

Sig P938 Legion

Part number: 938-9-LEGION (click part number to see the pistol on our store)
UPC code: 798681582532

Sig P938 Legion

Update 10-31-18:

We’re told both the P938 and P238 Legion pistols will have ambidextrous safeties. That isn’t specified in the spec sheets. Also, there will be new P238 and P938 7rd Legion specific magazines (likely with floor plates / pinky extensions contoured for the magazine well).

The part numbers / UPC for these magazines are:

MAG-238-380-7-LEGION / 798681605637
MAG-938-9-7-LEGION / 798681605644

Finally, while not mentioned above, these pistols will be eligible for the Legion access and case / challenge coin.

Update 11/12/18:

Sig has started shipping both the P238 and P938 Legion pistols. We’ll have them in stock and available for order on 11/13/18!

Update 11/13/18:

We’ve received shipments with both the P238 and P938 Legion pistols and they are in stock on our website as of this update. We have a few observations and lots of photos will be posted at the bottom of this post.

The guns look and feel great. The finish is Cerakote versus PVD and we don’t see the discoloration out of the box like we saw with other Legion pistols (applying some oil typically resolved that discoloration issue).

The grips are G10. When we pulled the P938 Legion out of the box, the grips were slightly discolored. This is pretty common on G10 grips from some sort of reaction with plastic (the bag in this case). We’ve seen many issues with customer concerns on separately sold G10 grips that are delivered and look discolored. Applying some oil to the grips takes care of this. They seem to dry out or react to the plastic and they look defective but they just that thin coating of oil.


Both pistols have an ambidextrous safety. As we mentioned above in the original post, there are new extended magazines for both pistols. We listed the part numbers and UPC codes above. We shot some photos comparing the original 7rd magazines with the new Legion magazines. The contour of the floor plates for the magazine well creates the incompatibility. The Legion mags are easy to identify since they have the Legion logo on the bottom.

P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-03 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-06

P238 Legion Photos:

238-380-LEGION19 238-380-LEGION18 238-380-LEGION17 238-380-LEGION16 238-380-LEGION15 238-380-LEGION14 238-380-LEGION13 238-380-LEGION12 238-380-LEGION11 238-380-LEGION10 238-380-LEGION09 238-380-LEGION08 238-380-LEGION07 238-380-LEGION06 238-380-LEGION05 238-380-LEGION04 238-380-LEGION03 238-380-LEGION02

P938 Legion Photos:

938-9-LEGION-02 938-9-LEGION-03 938-9-LEGION-04 938-9-LEGION-05 938-9-LEGION-06 938-9-LEGION-07 938-9-LEGION-08 938-9-LEGION-09 938-9-LEGION-10 938-9-LEGION-11 938-9-LEGION-12 938-9-LEGION-13 938-9-LEGION-14 938-9-LEGION-15


P238 Legion / P938 Legion / P226 Legion SAO Photos (photos for comparing finish between PVD of P226 and Cerakote of the P238 / P938):

P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-01 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-02 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-03 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-04 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-05 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-06 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-07 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-08 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-09 P226-P238-P938-Legion-Comparison-10


P938 / P238 Side by Side Photos:

P238-P938-Legion-19 P238-P938-Legion-20 P238-P938-Legion-21 P238-P938-Legion-22 P238-P938-Legion-23 P238-P938-Legion-24 P238-P938-Legion-25 P238-P938-Legion-26 P238-P938-Legion-27 P238-P938-Legion-28

P238 Legion and P238 Legion Magazine with MAG-238-380-7-X:

P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-01 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-02 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-03 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-04 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-05 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-06 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-07 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-08 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-09 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-10 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-11 P238-Legion-Magazine-Comp-12


P938 Legion Magazine with MAG-938-9-7:

P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-01 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-16 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-15 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-14 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-13 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-12 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-11 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-10 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-09 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-08 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-07 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-06 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-05 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-04 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-03 P938-Legion-Mag-Comp-02

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