Sig Releases new P210 Standard 210A-9-B

Sig P210 Standard

We’ve been expecting new releases for P365’s, P320’s, and rifles but we were not expecting Sig to release a new P210 variant. Today they’ve released a new lower price P210 model called the P210 Standard. It is made in the US.

The part number is 210A-9-B (UPC Code is 798681555468) and this model will be priced about 15% lower than the P210 Target (210A-9-TGT).

The new P210 Standard comes with standard grips and contrast sights instead of the target sights and grips on the target model. The Standard doesn’t have front cocking serrations either (thanks to Jaybird679 at for catching that).

The spec sheet is below. We’re going to be getting a very small allocation of these pistols and production will be very limited through the year so they won’t be easy to obtain.

Sig Sauer P210 Standard

You can sign up on our P210 Standard product page for stock notifications (when out of stock) or order there when in stock.

Let’s hope the next addition to the P210 line is a US made P210 Super Target!

Below are some photos of the P210 Target (210A-9-TGT) with the new P210 Standard.

Sig P210 Target 210A-9-TGT

Sig P210 Standard 210A-9-B

Overlay (our photo’s angle doesn’t match Sig’s perfectly so it isn’t perfect):

Sig P210 standard overlay on 210 Target

Sig P210 Standard Overlay on P210 Target GIF

For the sake of comparison, below are some photos of German made P210’s that we’ve carried in years past.

German made P210 Legend (210-9-LEGEND):

Sig P210 Legend German Made

P210 Legend Super Target (210-9-LEGEND-STGT):

Sig P210 Legend Super Target

Sig P210 Legend Target (210-9-LEGEND-TGT):

Sig P210 Legend Target

Sig P210 Legend First Edition (210-9-LFED):

Sig P210 Legend First Edition




2 thoughts on “Sig Releases new P210 Standard 210A-9-B

  1. Doug Wegescheide

    I thought I saw a P210 with a factory (pro shop) Barrel..
    Is this available??
    What is your price??


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