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Sig's New 1911 .22R Conversion Kit


Sig has been selling the 1911-22 pistol for over a year and with the popularity of their P220, P226, and P229 conversion kits we've been wondering why they didn't release a 1911-22 conversion.

We actually asked about whether or not Sig would make such a kit about a year ago and we were told they were planning on releasing a kit but they had no idea when it would be available.

Last week we noticed that Sig had added the kit to their website in the drop down list with the standard P220, P226, and P229 conversion kit. We placed an order and they just came in.

We have photos and a video to share. The photos/video are embedded below you can seen the kit in our store with pricing and ordering information.

The 1911-22 conversion kit uses part number CONV-1911-22 and UPC code 79868150191. It ships with one ten round magazine (MAG-1911-22-10) and the one in the kit did show some residue where it was test fired at the factory. The kit has a 5" threaded barrel and comes with four additional front sights along with tools to remove the front and rear sights. Also included is a chamber brush, barrel plug, and wrench to remove the thread protector.

If you want to run a suppressor with this kit you will need a thread pitch adapter. The barrel thread pitch is M9x.75 and the thread pitch adapters convert it to 1/2x28.

With the rising cost of ammunition (and .22 LR starting to become more readily accessible) the 1911-22 conversion kit will be a welcomed addition for many avid 1911 fans.

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