Sig Sauer’s New 320 Pistols For 2015

We’ve just got the scoop on the new stuff that Sig Sauer is coming up out with for 2015, and let’s start with their very new (and very popular) P320 Modular Pistol Line.

SKU Description MSRP
320SC-9-B 9mm Subcompact, Contrast Sights $628.00
320SC-9-BSS 9mm Subcompact, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-9-FDE 9mm Compact, Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-40-FDE .40 S&W Compact, Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-357-FDE .357 SIG Compact Flat Dark Earth Finish, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-9-TSS-ODG 9mm Compact, OD Green Grip Module, SigLite Sights $713.00
320C-40-TSS-ODG .40 Compact, OD Green Grip Module, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-9-B 9mm Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-9-BSS 9mm Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-9-BSS-TB 9mm Carry Size, SigLite Sights, Threaded Barrel $785.00
320CA-40-B .40 Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-40-BSS .40 Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-357-B .357 SIG Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-357-BSS .357 SIG Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320CA-45-B .45ACP Carry Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320CA-45-BSS .45ACP Carry Size, SigLite Sights $713.00
320F-45-B .45ACP Full Size, Contrast Sights $628.00
320F-45-BSS .45ACP Full Size, SigLite Sights $713.00

The Carry models are the same size and the 250 Compact models, and there’s some surprises in there like OD Green models as well.

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Coming up tomorrow: Sig’s other pistols for 2015. Stay tuned!

Also, below is a detailed comparison where we show the P320 vs P250 and highlight features of both.

At the time of the video we were not aware of the P320 Compact. The P320 equivalent of the P250 Compact is the P320 Carry. It is strange that Sig would then release a model called the P320 Compact when it isn’t the same dimensions as the P250 Compact. We will hopefully get our hands on more info relating to the naming scheme soon. We’re being told that the P320 Compact will have the grip shell from the subcompact model with the 3.9″ barrel / slide from the P320 Carry. In my humble opinion, it would be better to just sell the P320 Carry model and offer a P320 Compact conversion kit which would consist of a grip shell and subcompact 12rd magazine (plus an X-Grip adapter to allow the 15rd compact mag to fit in the subcompact grip shell with the pinky adapter to close the gap).

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