Nighthawk Custom VIP1 Hi Power

Nighthawk Custom VIP1 Hi Power
Nighthawk Custom VIP1 Hi Power
Browning is ending production of the Hi Power and that means Nighthawk Custom is going to be unable to source pistols for their upgrades.
Very few Hi Power pistols will be shipping from Nighthawk Custom but they slated a small set of limited edition pistols. This is the VIP1 and only ten were made (they are not numbered out of the ten).
The VIP1 features custom grips, a color case hardened engraved frame, engraved slide, and colored controls.
NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-01 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-02 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-03 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-05 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-06 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-07 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-08 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-09 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-10 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-11 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-12 NH-HiPower-VIP1-NHCB160791-13
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