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  • Sig Summer Rebate Promotion

    Sig just announced that they are running a mail in rebate program from June 15 through July 31, 2015.

    If you purchase a centerfire P220 or centerfire MCX, M400, 516 or 716 between 6-15-15 and 7-31-15 you qualify for a $200 coupon for use at Sig's online store. Continue reading

  • Sig P320 and P250 Colored Grip Shells Coming

    OD Green Grip Shell

    Sig has finally started readying the colored grip shells for the P320 and P250 series pistols. If you aren't familiar with them, take a look at the two pistol lines.

    These modular pistols allow you to change the grip shell among different sizes (Subcompact, Compact, Carry and Full Size) and circumferences (small, medium and large). Continue reading

  • Kimber Summer Refresh

    We just received word that Kimber is releasing a few new firearms this summer. The new variations are based on their 1911 and Micro lines.

    The new pistols are as follows: Continue reading

  • Amazon Bans Lasers

    We received a notification today that is banning lasers. Specifically they are banning any kind of laser pointer, laser aiming device, and firearm laser sights. You can read the full text of their new policy here. Below is the section on prohibited items. Continue reading

  • Ebay Terminates Pistol Braces

    If you operate a hunting related company and sell on Ebay you have probably at some point received the infamous violation from Ebay: Your listing has been removed: Assault Weapons Parts and Accessories

    ebay-assault1 Continue reading

  • Spikes Compressor SBR

    We just received this gorgeous suppressed SBR from Spikes Tactical. It is one of the most gorgeous SBR's I've ever seen. If Apple made a SBR, it would be this! I have more photos including the case and accessories. The BCG is nickel boron coated and lightened.

    The team at Spikes really didn't overlook any detail. The grip and AFG are hand stippled. There is a QD mount where the buffer tube mounts to the lower receiver along with another two on each side of the quad rail plus multiple mounting options on the stock.

    We missed taking a photo of of the top of the upper receiver with the rear site folded down but Spikes gave great attention to the positioning and height of the rear sight. When it is folded down, it meets evenly with the top rear of the upper receiver so closely that there is virtually no gap showing. We'll take and post a photo of that next week.

    All the controls on the rifle are ambidextrous including the safety, mag release and bolt release (it doesn't allow you to lock the bolt open unfortunately).

    Enjoy the photos! We'll have it listed on our online store within a few days.

    STR5100-CMP-01 STR5100-CMP-02 STR5100-CMP-03 STR5100-CMP-04 STR5100-CMP-05 STR5100-CMP-06 STR5100-CMP-07 STR5100-CMP-08 STR5100-CMP-09 STR5100-CMP-10 STR5100-CMP-11 STR5100-CMP-12 STR5100-CMP-13 STR5100-CMP-14 STR5100-CMP-15 STR5100-CMP-16 STR5100-CMP-17 STR5100-CMP-18 STR5100-CMP-19 STR5100-CMP-20 STR5100-CMP-21 STR5100-CMP-22 STR5100-CMP-23 STR5100-CMP-24 STR5100-CMP-25 STR5100-CMP-26 STR5100-CMP-27

  • Ruger Releases Mini-14 in .300 Blackout

    The .300 Blackout is continuing to grow in popularity! Ruger has released the Mini-14 chambered in .300 Blackout.

    ruger-mini14-300bo-5864-b ruger-mini14-300bo-5864

  • Sig Sauer May Pistol Rebate

    Sig is offering a pistol rebate on Classic CenterFire pistols.

    spring-rebate-headerDetails from Sig are below:

    SIG SAUER is pleased to announce a national consumer promotion for the month of May.

    The Offer: Purchase any SIG SAUER CenterFire Classic Line (P220, P224, P226, P227, P228, P229, P239) or 1911 Pistol and receive a FREE Pistol Bag and Two Magazines. To participate in the rebate promotion, you must follow the instructions on the rebate form and mail that form to the address listed on it. Continue reading

  • LWRC Free Aimpoint Promotion

    LWRC Free AimpointLWRC manufacturers some outstanding quality rifles and pistols. They are not by any means low end or entry level with quality or pricing. They just announced a promotion where you will receive a free Aimpoint MIcro T-1 via a mail in rebate.

    The rebate is valid for purchases from April 15, 2015 through August 31, 2015. This is an outstanding deal for anyone in the market for a great rifle or pistol. Continue reading

  • Great Sig Sauer Suppressor Intro Video

    I don't need to say too much. Check out this very well produced video introducing Sig's new suppressor line.

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