New Sig P320 X-Compact Grips Coming

Sig P320 X-Compact Grips

This has been a pretty exciting week for Sig Sauer products! We saw the release of the P365 XL and P320 XFive Legion.

We received news today that we’re going to be seeing new P320 X-Compact Grip Modules. The only caveat is that at this time, we can only obtain them for sale via the Armed Professional Program. If you aren’t familiar with the Armed Professional Program, this is Sig’s law enforcement / first responder program. Continue reading

Sig P320 X5 Legion Coming

We just shared some exciting news we received on the release of Sig’s P365 XL but that isn’t the only new pistol coming out!

Sig P320 X5 Legion

Sig Sauer also shared news that the next variant in the Legion is the Sig P320 X5. At a quick glance, I’d say it fits perfectly in the Legion series and looks incredible!

What you can’t see in the photo is that this new XFIVE Legion weighs much more than current P320 X5 pistols by a whopping 7.9 ounces (it weighs 43.5 ounces). They accomplished this increase in weight by infusing Tungsten into the grip module. Sig is calling it a TXG Tungsten infused heavy XGrip module. Continue reading

New Sig Sauer P365 XL!

365-9-XLWe’ve heard rumblings for the first part of this year that Sig was going to release a new P365 pistol but we didn’t know what it would be. We saw some rumors that there might be a P365 Legion and then logically a longer slide would be awesome. Well that’s what Sig is releasing… The P365 XL.

The part number is 365XL-9-BXR3 and UPC code is 798681618798.

The Sig Sauer P365 is a larger P365 with longer slide and taller grip. It has a 12rd flush fit magazine where the standard P365 has a 12rd magazine. Out of the box it comes with a flat trigger too! Continue reading

New P365 15rd Mag Coming + New Coyote P320 Grips

Quick new product update!

Sig P365 15rd Magazine

We received news that Sig Sauer is going to be releasing an extended 15rd magazine for the P365. Obviously it will extend longer than the 12rd magazine. We’re told they should start shipping from Sig sometime in the next couple months.

We don’t have a photo yet but will post one as soon as we can obtain a mag or photo. We’ve got the new magazine listed on our website where you can enter your email address to get a stock notification. The part number is MAG-365-9-15. Continue reading

New OCG Retail Store Photos

We’ve been posting photos on our Facebook and Instagram accounts showing off our new retail store and we wanted to share the photos on our website as well.

We’ve settled into our new building and are holding our soft open until some back ordered inventory arrives (many more firearms and about 20 full size safes). We’re expecting to hold a large grand opening in late June and are working to finalize the dates. Once we’ve set the date we’ll post an update.

We’d love for you to come out and visit our store. We’re located about an hour northwest of St. Louis in Wright City, MO and we’re right on the frontage road of Interstate 70. See us on Google Maps.

Below are photos of the interior of our store showing off much of the wonderful product we have to offer.

OCG-Retail-043019-3 OCG-Retail-043019-18


Continue reading

Sig Releases new P210 Standard 210A-9-B

Sig P210 Standard

We’ve been expecting new releases for P365’s, P320’s, and rifles but we were not expecting Sig to release a new P210 variant. Today they’ve released a new lower price P210 model called the P210 Standard. It is made in the US.

The part number is 210A-9-B (UPC Code is 798681555468) and this model will be priced about 15% lower than the P210 Target (210A-9-TGT).

The new P210 Standard comes with standard grips and contrast sights instead of the target sights and grips on the target model. The Standard doesn’t have front cocking serrations either (thanks to Jaybird679 at for catching that).

The spec sheet is below. We’re going to be getting a very small allocation of these pistols and production will be very limited through the year so they won’t be easy to obtain.

Sig Sauer P210 Standard

You can sign up on our P210 Standard product page for stock notifications (when out of stock) or order there when in stock.

Let’s hope the next addition to the P210 line is a US made P210 Super Target!

Below are some photos of the P210 Target (210A-9-TGT) with the new P210 Standard.

Sig P210 Target 210A-9-TGT

Sig P210 Standard 210A-9-B

Overlay (our photo’s angle doesn’t match Sig’s perfectly so it isn’t perfect):

Sig P210 standard overlay on 210 Target

Sig P210 Standard Overlay on P210 Target GIF

For the sake of comparison, below are some photos of German made P210’s that we’ve carried in years past.

German made P210 Legend (210-9-LEGEND):

Sig P210 Legend German Made

P210 Legend Super Target (210-9-LEGEND-STGT):

Sig P210 Legend Super Target

Sig P210 Legend Target (210-9-LEGEND-TGT):

Sig P210 Legend Target

Sig P210 Legend First Edition (210-9-LFED):

Sig P210 Legend First Edition




New Releases From Nighthawk Custom

This press release is from Nighthawk Custom.


Nighthawk Custom, manufacturer of the world’s finest custom made 1911’s, is proud to introduce the newest model in their lineup, the Firehawk.

This cutting edge offering from Nighthawk Custom offers the latest advancements in the company’s long line of purpose-built innovation. Nighthawk Custom has utilized a recoil-taming single port compensator, a Bull Barrel and a full-length guide rod that adds weight to the front of the pistol to reduce muzzle rise. In addition, the Firehawk has a modified government length slide that has been shortened from 5” to 3.9”. A newly designed commander length spring and reverse plug system maintains the standard recoil impulse of a 5-inch 1911 for reliability. Continue reading