SHOT Show 2018

SHOT Show 2018
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We've been busy working our way around the floor of SHOT Show and have lots of photos to share. By far the new Sig P365 is the most exciting new release for the show. Truthfully the SHOT Show has been pretty lackluster in terms of new releases. Most manufacturers started releasing new model information as far back as November and while there have been some great additions to existing lines (Kimber had some cool new variations on their 1911 lines). STI dropped quite a few of their 1911's last year. There are really almost none left. They have, however, added quite a few variations to their 2011 line. We'll provide some more information on the changes from STI but we do have photos to share from the booth. STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-01 STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-05 STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-04 STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-03 STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-02STI-DVCSTEEL-01 STI-DVCSTEEL-01.jp2 STI-DVCOPEN-2 STI-DVCOPEN-1STI-DVCOMNI-1 STI-DVCOMNI-2 STI-DVCOMNI-3 STI-DVCOMNI-4 STI-DVCOMNI-6 STI-DVCOMNI-7 STI-DVCOMNI-8STI-DVCLIMITED-01 STI-DVCLIMITED-02STI-2011-ELITETACTICAL-01 STI-2011-ELITETACTICAL-02 STI-2011-ELITETACTICAL-03 STI-2011-ELITETACTICAL-04STI-2011-CHROMEBLACKDVC-01 STI-2011-CHROMEBLACKDVC-02 STI-2011-CHROMEBLACKDVC-03STI-2011-CHROMEBLACK-DVC-3GUN-1 STI-2011-CHROMEBLACK-DVC-3GUN-2 STI-2011-CHROMEBLACK-DVC-3GUN-4 STI-2011-CHROMEBLACK-DVC-3GUN-5 STI-2011-CHROMEBLACK-DVC-3GUN-6 STI-2011-CHROMEBLACK-DVC-3GUN-7STI-2011-BLACK-TAN-HEXTAC-01 STI-2011-BLACK-TAN-HEXTAC-02 STI-2011-BLACK-TAN-HEXTAC-03 STI-2011-BLACK-TAN-HEXTAC-04 STI-2011-BLACK-TAN-HEXTAC-05 STI-2011-BLACK-TAN-HEXTAC-07 STI-2011-BLACK-TAN-HEXTAC-08
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