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  • New Releases From Nighthawk Custom

    This press release is from Nighthawk Custom.


    Nighthawk Custom, manufacturer of the world’s finest custom made 1911’s, is proud to introduce the newest model in their lineup, the Firehawk.

    This cutting edge offering from Nighthawk Custom offers the latest advancements in the company’s long line of purpose-built innovation. Nighthawk Custom has utilized a recoil-taming single port compensator, a Bull Barrel and a full-length guide rod that adds weight to the front of the pistol to reduce muzzle rise. In addition, the Firehawk has a modified government length slide that has been shortened from 5” to 3.9”. A newly designed commander length spring and reverse plug system maintains the standard recoil impulse of a 5-inch 1911 for reliability. Continue reading

  • SHOT Show 2018

    We've been busy working our way around the floor of SHOT Show and have lots of photos to share.

    By far the new Sig P365 is the most exciting new release for the show. Truthfully the SHOT Show has been pretty lackluster in terms of new releases.

    Most manufacturers started releasing new model information as far back as November and while there have been some great additions to existing lines (Kimber had some cool new variations on their 1911 lines).

    STI dropped quite a few of their 1911's last year. There are really almost none left. They have, however, added quite a few variations to their 2011 line. We'll provide some more information on the changes from STI but we do have photos to share from the booth.

    STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-01 STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-05 Continue reading

  • Nighthawk Custom Agent 2 Pistol Released


    We've got another release from Nighthawk Custom, the Agent 2. This is a collaboration with Agency Arms. Continue reading

  • STI Shot Show 2016 Photos and Booth

    We've got from STI's booth at SHOT Show 2016. Below is a quick overview of the new models along with photos below that.

    SHOT-2016-STI-01 SHOT-2016-STI-02 SHOT-2016-STI-03 SHOT-2016-STI-04 SHOT-2016-STI-05 SHOT-2016-STI-06 SHOT-2016-STI-07 SHOT-2016-STI-08 SHOT-2016-STI-09 SHOT-2016-STI-10 SHOT-2016-STI-11 SHOT-2016-STI-12 SHOT-2016-STI-13 SHOT-2016-STI-14 SHOT-2016-STI-15 SHOT-2016-STI-16 SHOT-2016-STI-17 SHOT-2016-STI-18 SHOT-2016-STI-19 SHOT-2016-STI-20 SHOT-2016-STI-21 SHOT-2016-STI-22 SHOT-2016-STI-23 SHOT-2016-STI-24 SHOT-2016-STI-25 SHOT-2016-STI-26 SHOT-2016-STI-27 SHOT-2016-STI-28 SHOT-2016-STI-29 SHOT-2016-STI-30 SHOT-2016-STI-31 SHOT-2016-STI-32 SHOT-2016-STI-33 SHOT-2016-STI-34 SHOT-2016-STI-35 SHOT-2016-STI-36 SHOT-2016-STI-37 SHOT-2016-STI-38 SHOT-2016-STI-39 SHOT-2016-STI-40 SHOT-2016-STI-41 SHOT-2016-STI-42 SHOT-2016-STI-43 SHOT-2016-STI-44 SHOT-2016-STI-45 SHOT-2016-STI-46 SHOT-2016-STI-47 SHOT-2016-STI-48 SHOT-2016-STI-49 SHOT-2016-STI-50 SHOT-2016-STI-51 SHOT-2016-STI-52 SHOT-2016-STI-53 SHOT-2016-STI-54 SHOT-2016-STI-55 SHOT-2016-STI-56 SHOT-2016-STI-57 SHOT-2016-STI-58 SHOT-2016-STI-59 SHOT-2016-STI-60 SHOT-2016-STI-61 SHOT-2016-STI-62

  • Sig SHOT 2016 Booth Photos

    We took quite a few photos from Sig's 2016 SHOT Show booth. Check them out below:

    SIG-SHOT-2016-Booth-001 Continue reading

  • SHOT 2016 - Sig Range Day

    Sig Range Day

    SHOT Show 2016 is already under way! Today I had the opportunity to see and shoot a few of Sig's new offerings!

    We already know about a few new releases coming from Sig:

    • P220 Legion .45 ACP (it was on display at Range Day but it had G10 pirahna grips instead of the proper Legion grips - those should be on it later in the week)
    • Sig P210 Target and P210 Classic - Made in the US
    • P320 Target with 5" barrel
    • P227 Stainless Elite

    Sig P210 - US Made

    Sig P320 Target 5" Barrel

    Sig P227 Stainless Elite

    Continue reading

  • Video: MCX at Range Day - SHOT Show 2015

    Below is a quick video of Sig's MCX which we were able to demo at Sig's Range Day event at SHOT Show 2015.

    The MCX is a very modular rifle offering the ability for the end user to change calibers (with a barrel / bolt swap), handguard, and stock easily. The upper can be installed on a mil-spec AR-15 lower and doesn't require a buffer or buffer spring and this allows for the flexibility in folding / telescoping stocks.

  • Video: SIG-SD Suppressors at SHOT

    We had the pleasure of shooting a few of Sig Sauer's new suppressors at SHOT Show 2015 and compiled a short video of the suppressors in action. Enjoy!

  • Video: Sig Range Day MPX, P320, P220 10mm, and P250 22

    Below are some additional videos from our visit to Sig Sauer's Range Day event at SHOT Show 2015.


    P320 SubCompact 9mm

    P250 Compact .22 LR

    P220 Chambered in 10mm

  • Video: Sig Range Day - 1911's

    Below is a quick video of some of Sig Sauer's 1911's that were available at the Range Day event.

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