Sig 2020 Catalog and New Models

Sig P320 X-Carry Tacops

Sig 2020 Catalog and New Models

Sig Sauer just started shipping their new 2020 catalogs and we received a few today!

We sliced one up and ran it through our scanner so that we could share it with you!

There are a few new models we didn't see previously and are in the new catalog!

Sig P320 X-Carry Tacops

First is the XCarry Tacops (320XCA-9-13AXR3-TACOPS-TB). This model features XRay3 night sights and the rear sight is adjustable. It has an X-Series grip with magazine well and threaded barrel.

Sig SLX Suppressors
There are new suppressors! We expected there would be new releases since most of the 2019 models were discontinued. The four models are SLX762-QD, SLX762, SLX556-QD and SLX556. For those keeping track, these are basically the third generations of Sig suppressors with SIG-SD being the first, SRD being the second and SLX being the third.

Sig SLX Rifle SuppressorsSig MODX-9The MODX-9 and MODX-45 are Sig's two modular pistol suppressors.
Sig MODX Suppressor Comparison

Sig MODX-45 Suppressor

Sig 716 Tread
The 716 line is getting a DI 7.62x51 in the 716 Tread rifle.

Sig M400 Tread Coil
Along with the 716 Tread, there is a new M400 Tread called the Tread Coil. The Tread Coil is shipping with nearly all of the popular Tread accessory upgrades pre-installed


Sig Cross Rifle

Sig Cross Rifle Camo
The Cross Rifle is Sig's new bolt action rifle. There are a few variants offered. The calibers include .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 277 Fury. For the camo model, part numbers are CROSS-308-16B-FLC, CROSS-65-18B-FLC. For the black version, part numbers are CROSS-308-16B, CROSS-65-18B and CROSS-277-16B. We are told the Cross rifles won't start shipping until around the summer of 2020.

Sig Echo3 ThermalThe Echo3 is replacing the Echo1 line.
It has a 10 degree field of view with up to 6x magnification. Part number is SOEC31001.

Want to download the full Sig 2020 catalog? You can pull down a scanned copy! Sorry for the image quality.... it is a scan.

As always, be sure to keep an eye on our site. We will be ordering all the new products and list them for sale as soon as possible!

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