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Sig SSG Discontinued
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Sig SSG Discontinued We heard some chatter at SHOT Show regarding a few more of Sig's handguns being discontinued due to the Germany export situation. Initially we understood that the Mosquito and 1911-22 line were both going to be discontinued since they were made in Germany. Today I made a follow up call to Sig to verify that they were indeed discontinued before I published anything online. I was surprised (even though I should not have been) to hear that the P232, Tactical 2, and SSG lines were also discontinued (in addition to the 1911-22 and Mosquito). Any pending orders that were previously in the system have been canceled. This was really disconcerting but since they were all made in Germany it is obvious that, in the short term, they would not be available. Currently, we haven't been given any indication that Sig will build these models in the US. They are, from what I'm told, planning on building the P226 X5E / X6E and P210 pistols in the US. I wouldn't expect anything on that front before summer (or potentially much later). See a list of Sig Sauer's discontinued items at or check out our recent coverage of all the various cancellations.
7 years ago
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