Sig Sauer P365 .380 ACP is official!

Sig Sauer P365 .380 ACP
Sig Sauer P365 .380 ACP is official!

Moments ago Sig Sauer announced the release of the P365 chambered in .380 ACP. This was an gun that was expected last year, but it was likely delayed due to the existing production backlog as well as parts shortages. With the official release we expect to see some of these shipping soon. Below we will include SIG's offical statement, but the key takeaway is that it uses the same Grip Module and Fire Control Unit (FCU) as the 9mm variants. It remeans to be seen if SIG will have a Caliber X-Change kit to convert a 9mm to .380 ACP since SIG stopped selling 9mm P365 slides, but with the aftermarket P365 slides that we sell it would mean you could easily convert your .380 ACP to a 9mm by building out a 9mm slide and using a factory 9mm magazine.

 This is SIG's official statement on the new .380 ACP P365:

"The long awaited P365 chambered in 380 is finally here! The P365-380 offers all the same features as America’s #1 selling micro-compact pistol, now in the softer shooting 380 caliber resulting in even easier handling and less felt recoil.
The new P365-380 uses the same grip module and fire control unit as the popular 9mm version with a specialized magazine, slide, barrel and recoil assembly designed for the lighter 380 caliber, and the new P365-380's dimensions make it completely compatible with all existing P365 holsters.
The P365-380 features a nitron finished stainless slide, DLC barrel, and with a completely redesigned two-piece captured guide rod, the P365-380 is the most durable 380 micro-compact pistol on the market today. Rigorously tested at SIG SAUER, the P365-380 was designed for all shooters, especially those with smaller hands and those that find the manipulation and recoil management of 9mm caliber pistols challenging.
Each P365-380 comes standard with SIGLITE® night sights for effective sight acquisition in all lighting conditions. The P365-380 slide includes an optic cut compatible with the ROMEOZero Elite or any optic with the same footprint. Additionally, the dovetailed front and rear sights allow for effective co-witnessing in the proper configuration. Because the P365-380 shares the same fire control unit and grip module as all standard P365’s it is compatible with all of the same accessories, such as flat triggers, Foxtrot lights, XSeries grip modules, etc. Each pistol includes (2) 10rd magazines (one flush fit and one extended) and a magazine loader standard.
The new P365-380 the ultimate concealed carry option for those that want less recoil and more control.

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