Sig Sauer M17 & M18 Military Models Available

Sig Sauer M17 & M18 Military Models Available
Sig Sauer M17 & M18 Military Models Available

In January of 2017 Sig Sauer won the US Army handgun contract with the P320. This model was designated the M17 which is a Coyote tan colored variant of the P320 Fullsize. It featured a 4.7" barrel and comes equipped with 17 round and 21 round magazines. Mechanically it's identical to the normal P320 however there's some minor tweaks. A manual safety was fitted which is not a typical P320 feature and it also has an optics plate. Although optics plates are on other P320s it has a unique single screw mounting system so you will need the ROMEO-M17 designed for these guns. A smaller difference is the lack of the P320 logo on the slide. Instead if just says Sig Sauer M17 and has the military part number and vendor number.

Following the success of the M17 the US Air Force adapted the M18 in 2020. This was essentially an M17 in a Carry configuration with a shorter 3.9" barrel. Beyond the shorter slide and name these are essentially the same gun.

Although SIG does sell an M17 and M18 variant for the commercial market they are not entirely the same gun. The slides show the model as a P320 M17 or P320 M18 and they lack the manufacturer number and part number. The commercial models are not compatible with the ROMEO-M17 and use the standard Romeo1PRO as found on all other new optics ready P320s. The Military M17 and M18 come off a separate production line whereas the P320 M17 and P320 M18 come off the commercial production line. The good news is we have some Military Model M17s and M18s that you can buy, but there's a caveat. These guns we have are only available from the Sig Sauer Armed Professional Program which means you need to provide specific credentials to us before we can ship your order. Required qualifications are available on our website:

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Please Note: Sig Sauer sets the eligibility guidelines for the Armed Professional Program. We have no control over what credentials and qualifications are or are not acceptable to participate in the program.