Sig Sauer Custom Works P320 Spectre Comp & P226 ZEV

SIG P320 Spectre Comp P226 ZEV

Sig Sauer Custom Works P320 Spectre Comp & P226 ZEV

Sig Sauer's Custom Works program has been on a roll with some hot new guns in the last couple months and they aren't done yet. This week we received news of two more with the P320 Spectre Comp and the P226 Zev.


The P320 Spectre Comp is a compelling purchase as it has all of the features you could want in the fullsize P320 platform. If you like weight of the old steel frame Classic P-series guns you will like laser engraved LXG Tungsten grip module as it's the closest feel to the discontinued stainless guns. The most notable new features happen on the top with a new slide with a compensator so combined with the tungsten grip should be an extremely flat shooting gun with minimal muzzle flip. The barrel has the same TiN gold finish as found on the P365 Spectre although we don't know the barrel length yet. If it follows the same pattern as the P365 Spectre Comp it will be a 3.9" barrel borrowed from the Compact/Carry model. The slide itself features lightening cuts and it's optics cut to fit the Romeo1PRO or other optics with the same footprint and new slide serrations. The X-Ray3 Day/Night sights are included like all new X-Series guns. Standard models will receive 21-round magazines while state-compliant models will feature 10-round magazines. We expect 10rd model will use Legion floorplates to interface with the magazine funnel otherwise that feature will have to be eliminated to work with the standard flush fullsize magazines.



The P226 ZEV is a bigger departure from the normal line because both the frame and slide are unique to this model. If you've seen ZEV's other offerings you will recognize the slide serrations. The slide has lightening cuts in the front and it's topped off with a Romeo1PRO as standard. The sights are ZEV Fiber Optic and are obviously not your standard SIG sights just by the side profile. The threaded barrel is from ZEV as well and appears to be about 4.9". The grips are supplied by Hogue and built specifically for this gun with the Zev logo. The frame is also customized with the Zev logo and frame cuts which is the first time we've seen this from SIG on a classic P-Series gun. You also get a flat trigger and (3) 15 round magazines. Overall this is going to be very appealing for people (like us) who really love the P226. If you're a fan of the P226 this is something to check out.

You can purchase the P226 Zev on our website. If we are out of stock you can sign up for an in-stock notification once SIG delivers more.


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