Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro Manual Safety & Other New Models

Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro Manual Safety & Other New Models
Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro Manual Safety & Other New Models

Sig Sauer is expanding their offerings of the P365 X-Macro lineup. Initially the X-Macro was launched with a XL-length slide with integrated compensator and 3.1" barrel along with a larger grip and 17-round magazine. It garnered a lot of attention for giving the customer everything they loved about the P365, but fullsize handgun capacity in a pretty small package. Just pretend Rick Morranis made a sequal called "Honey, I Blew Up the P365."

While a lot of our customers really liked this gun a lot we received a number of comments about wanting the gun without the comp and the full length 3.7" barrel. This was especially true for police officers who can't carry a comp gun on duty. SIG's law enforcement model dropped first with an X-Macro sporting a normal non-comped slide. Now the commercial division is giving us two new models.

First is the Standard P365 X-Macro which as we described above. This has a Part Number of: 365XCA-9-BXR3. But wait, there's more! This new model has an option of a Manual Safety. While you could previously buy the X-Macro grip, the rear of the grip was a bit wider than a normal grip so to add a manual safety would requiring doing some customer trimming to make the rear of the grip more narrow where the safety selector would reside. The Manual Safety variant comes under Part Number: 365XCA-9-BXR3-MS.



The next new model it the P365 X-Macro TACOPS. This falls under Part Number: 365XCA-9-TACOPS. Like the original P226 TACOPS and then the P320 TACOPS, the P365 X-Macro TACOPS includes a magwell, full length 3.7" barrel, detachable magwell, and (4) 17-round magazines.  This is similar to the Standard P365 X-Macro seen above, but arrives out of the box with everything you could want beyond a pre-installed optic. SIG may do a package model the the RomeoZero later, but it's nice to give the customer the option to choose the red dot you want.


Finally is the original P365 X-Macro Comp which still resides under Part Number: 365XCA-9-COMP. This model will continue on without any changes. It includes the same 3.1" barrel with integrated compensator and (2) 17 round magazines. No Manual Safety option is available here.


I know there's a lingering question for existing P365 owners: Will SIG will sell the P365 X-Macro Manual Safety grip module? The answer is YES and we will have them hopefully sooner or later. Interestingly the first grips to arrive will be a X-Macro grip in Coyote along with an X-Macro Manual Safety grip. Our rep assumes all of the black X-Macro Manual Safety grips are allocated to firearm production, but will be open to us once they have sufficient supply.

Will we get a full Coyote P365 X-Macro or a Two-Tone model? We have no idea. It certainly seems plausible. Regardless, having more factory accessory options is great news for everyone. Stay tuned for these new grips to arrive on our website once SIG makes their initial delivery.

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