Sig Sauer Wins US Army NGSW = New Civilian Models?

Sig Sauer Wins US Army NGSW = New Civilian Models?

Sig Sauer Wins US Army NGSW = New Civilian Models?

Sig Sauer just won the US Army's Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) contract. This initially consists of two guns: XM50 (MCX Spear) and the XM250 (SIG LMG), both chambered in the new .277 Fury round which is 6.8x51. Both are designed to accept SIG's new SLX suppressor.

The XM250 is Sig's Light Machine Gun which features a box-fed ammunition or it can use a magazine just like the FN249 SAW. Although there's a chance we will get a semi-auto version of this gun it's more likely to have a widely available semi-auto version of the XM50 in the near future. SIG made a limited run of commercially available XM50's called the MCX Spear. Although that gun shares the MCX name it's a very different gun. The standard MCX is only designed to run smaller cartridges in the form of 5.56mm NATO or .300 Blackout. The .227 Fury round is closer to the .308 Winchester round. This means that the MCX Spear is to the MCX what the AR10 is to the AR15.

It's reasonable to assume that SIG will be making some commercially available models based on a few things:

First, SIG already sold a very small number (approximately 30 units) of MCX Spears to the general public. Although it's possible that SIG could do a one-and-done batch of guns to some very lucky individuals as they've done with military contract overruns in the past, but the other clues really lead to an upcoming product line.

Next, SIG is selling .277 Fury ammunition. You could certainly make the argument that this is just to support the small number of MCX Spear rifles that were sold to consumers, but the packaging on the ammunition got the full marketing treatment. This would be an unneeded expense to ship to the military and if you already own an MCX Spear you will buy the ammunition you need regardless so a simple white box or even loose bulk pack would suffice. SIG put their marketing department on the job beacuse they want to sell a lot of it and to more than 30 people.

Lastly, if the military is going to run the .277 Fury round then other manufacturers are going to start building guns around it. There's no way SIG is going to win a military contract like this and not capitalize on it, especially after they have all of the R&D into a winning gun that they can port over to the civilian market. That's not to say that there won't be some small changes from the limited run of MCX Spear packages that were shipped. It's highly likely that we may see some feature changes. This would likely include the exterior finish, but may include other things such as parts and barrel coatings, barrel length, handguard design, etc.

As SIG ramps up production for the military contract and has extra capacity for civilian sales we will likely see a whole new line of MCX Spear rifles in various configurations hitting the shelves near year. Of course you will be able to purchase the full selection on the Osage County Guns website. As soon as we have more information we will update our Blog and add the guns to our webstore once the models are confirmed.