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  • SIG-SD Suppressor Video

    Sig has been putting a lot of resources behind their SIG-SD line of suppressors.

    They just released this video going into details of the production process and materials that make their suppressors some of the best offered.

    Head over and check out of inventory of SIG-SD suppressors.

  • Great Sig Sauer Suppressor Intro Video

    I don't need to say too much. Check out this very well produced video introducing Sig's new suppressor line.

  • Video: SIG-SD Suppressors at SHOT

    We had the pleasure of shooting a few of Sig Sauer's new suppressors at SHOT Show 2015 and compiled a short video of the suppressors in action. Enjoy!

  • SIG-SD Suppressor Line Detailed

    Introducing Sig SuppressorsSig's SIG-SD new line of suppressors has been unveiled and the line looks extremely promising. The price point of the new suppressors directly competes with pretty much all the major suppressor manufacturers and Sig is including a Taper-Lok quick detach mount with each QD suppressor adding even more value to the line.

    The new Taper-Lok quick detach system is a three piece mount system. From Sig's catalog: Continue reading

  • Sig's New Suppressor Line Announced is reporting on Sig Sauer's updated suppressor line.

    The line was originally announced a year ago and then as it was just about to go into production, the previously slated models were scrapped and the replacements are now finally ready.

    We've been seeing quite a few images of the suppressors thanks to Sig's Instagram page but now the line is announced with detail.

    It is also important to note that Sig will be including a fast attach / quick disconnect mount with each fast attach suppressor. Unlike AAC which sells the adapter separately, it is included at no extra charge! We don't know yet which muzzle device they'll include (and maybe Sig doesn't have that determination yet either).

    The following is from

    SIG-SD Lineup

    Continue reading

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