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Kimber Centennial NRA Article

The NRA has a nice article on the new Kimber Centennial Edition 1911....
John M. Browning had it right: “Finally the idea came. A good idea starts a celebration in the mind, and every nerve in the body seems to crowd up to see the fireworks.” Those words describe what we all admire in the truly industrious minds of great American inventors: ingenuity. Few possess it, and fewer still have the will and the means to apply it. And if we are so fortunate, one of those few brilliant ideas becomes reality—and the M1911 undoubtedly fits that mold. With the 100th anniversary of the adoption of Browning’s M1911 pistol at our doorstep, Kimber decided it was time to celebrate Browning’s ingenuity with the release of the limited Centennial Edition M1911, an example of which will be auctioned off on Friday, May 14, at the Fourth annual NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction in Charlotte, N.C.
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12 years ago

Kimber Centennial Edition Photos from SHOT Show 2010

Kimber Centennial Edition 1911We've got some shots of the new limited edition Centennial Edition Kimber 1911 here at SHOT Show 2010. It is worth noting that the colored casing on the frames are being done by Doug Turnbull Restoration. The Centennial Edition really looks good! See the full set of Centennial Edition photos.
12 years ago

Kimber Centennial Edition Photo

Kimber Centennial Edition 1911 We just received a photo of the new Kimber Centennial Edition model that is being made in a very limited production run. Below is the photo.
12 years ago

Kimber Centennial Edition 1911

Kimber Centennial Edition 1911We recently announced some exciting news about the Kimber 2010 models. Among the many new models being released next year, one will stand out above the others - the Centennial Edition. Kimber's Centennial Edition 1911 is a very limited edition model that will have custom bluing, engraving, and other detail that will really make this a desirable model. We don't have photos or detailed specs yet but we're trying hard to get our hands on them. We did find out today that Kimber is only going to produce a total of 250 of the Centennial Edition 1911's. We'll post another update as soon as we hear anything!
12 years ago

Kimber 2010 Models

We've got some exciting news!! Kimber just sent over some basic information on their 2010 additions. We don't have spec sheets or photos yet but we'll post any information we can get our hands on... Below is a list of the new models being added to the 2010 Kimber 1911 lineup: TLE II Family
  • Ultra TLE II - MFG # 3200242 - Obviously this will be a 3" TLE II with a blue finish, night sights, and frontstrap checkering
  • Ultra TLE II (LG) - Crimson Trace Lasergrips - MGF # 3200241 - Same 3" model as above but this will have the Crimson Trace lasergrips instead of the standard rubber grips native to the TLE line
  • Stainless Ultra TLE II - MGF # 3200239 - Again - this is going to be a 3" model with a stainless frame, night sights, and frontstrap checkering
  • Stainless Ultra TLE II (LG) - Crimson Trace Lasergrips - MFG # 3200244 - just like the Ultra TLE II LG but in a stainless finish
  • Stainless Pro TLE II - MFG # 3200238 - This is a 4" TLE with a stainless finish and full size grips - frontstrap checkering and night sights are standard
  • Stainless Pro TLE II (LG) - Crimson Trace Lasergrips - MFG # 3200237 - like the above model but add the Crimson Trace lasergrips
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12 years ago