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Kimber Centennial In Stock

Kimber Centennial After a full year of waiting, Kimber has finally shipped us our first Centennial 1911 model . The Centennial has Doug Turnbull colored case hardening on the frame as well as engraving on the slide. The photos below show the exact model available in great detail. This model is available for $4299 with free shipping and handling. We may see a second Centennial in the upcoming weeks but that isn't a guarantee. There were only 250 Centennial's produced so don't miss your chance to grab one of these! See and order the Centennial in our store.
11 years ago

Kimber Centennial NRA Article

The NRA has a nice article on the new Kimber Centennial Edition 1911....
John M. Browning had it right: “Finally the idea came. A good idea starts a celebration in the mind, and every nerve in the body seems to crowd up to see the fireworks.” Those words describe what we all admire in the truly industrious minds of great American inventors: ingenuity. Few possess it, and fewer still have the will and the means to apply it. And if we are so fortunate, one of those few brilliant ideas becomes reality—and the M1911 undoubtedly fits that mold. With the 100th anniversary of the adoption of Browning’s M1911 pistol at our doorstep, Kimber decided it was time to celebrate Browning’s ingenuity with the release of the limited Centennial Edition M1911, an example of which will be auctioned off on Friday, May 14, at the Fourth annual NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction in Charlotte, N.C.
Continue reading about the NRA Centennial Edition article.
12 years ago