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Sig’s 2018 Discontinuations

We just received the list of items Sig is marking as discontinued. In the past we’ve seen items that had previously been flagged as discontinued still available for months (a couple items were available for order for about a year). How long we’ll still be able to get these is unknown but they will probably not be available for terribly long.

For some of these models I expect we’ll see some upgraded similar versions coming in 2018. Continue reading

Kimber 2016 Discontinued List

Kimber has drastically revamped their line for 2016. We reported on the new additions to the line and we have assembled a list of the models that were discontinued.

Below is a breakdown of the models being discontinued. It is important to note that many of these models are being replaced with updated versions. The updated versions are getting new part numbers. Additionally some of these part numbers may include models that had limited availability Continue reading

Sig Drops a Few Models in 2015

We’ve been seeing quite a few new 2015 models (rifles, pistols, P320’s, and CALX Kits, from Sig Sauer between scouring distributor websites for leaks and Sig’s own Instagram page.

We’re now finding out that a few more models are being discontinued for 2015. We also listed a significant chunk of discontinued part numbers back in June. Continue reading

Sig Sauer Discontinuing Stand-Alone PSB Sales





Update 3-16-2015: Sig has resumed sales of the the braces individually.

Original post:

Sig Sauer PSB Braces Discontinued

We’ve just received notice from Sig Sauer that as of the first of next year, they’ll be discontinuing sales of the stand-alone pistol braces (PSB’s) without the buffer tube kit, both the current PSB models and the newer SBX models.

Also, the type of kits offered by Sig Sauer will be changing from the current pistol brace kits: Rather than including a buffer tube and pad, they will be including a buffer tube, pad, recoil spring and locking nut, once existing stock is sold out, the new MSRP from Sig Sauer for the PSB kits will be $239 for PSB kits and $249 for SBX kits, although sale prices may vary from that.


The part numbers for the new kits will be:

  • KIT-PSB-PNK (Available Q1 2015)
  • KIT-SBX-PNK (Available Q1 2015)

Note that the last three SKU numbers indicate that there are two new colors of SBX braces coming soon!

Sig Discontinues Variety of Firearms

For various reasons, Sig flagged quite a few part numbers as discontinued. Some are discontinued due to lack of demand, overlap from other similar models, and I suspect many are due to the need to thin out the various families.

Many of the models listed were flagged as obsolete early this year but we found the list published in Sig’s June price list (only available to dealers). If you’ve been holding out on buying one of these models, it is probably wise to grab one before they are gone. Continue reading