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Kimber’s 2019 Additions Announced

Kimber K6s DA/SA Revolver

Kimber released their 2019 lineup and additions yesterday right at the end of the day. We put our immediate focus on their new striker pistol called the EVO SP.

Aside from the EVO SP, Kimber released a variety of other additions to their existing lines and we’re digging into the details on those now.


Kimber K6s DA/SA

On the K6s line, Kimber released a DA/SA variation. This is something we asked about when Kimber initially released the K6s line.

Like prior K6s models, the DA/SA is chambered in .357 Mag and also fires .38 Special. Shipments are scheduled to begin mid December 2018 Continue reading

New Kimber K6S Revolvers

Kimber K6S CDP Revolver

We’re continuing our breakdown of Kimber’s 2018 new models / additions. See a list of all the new models on our parent post.

Kimber has 3 new K6S revolvers that were added to the 2018 price list and model line up. All three have already started shipping.

Item # – UPC – Description – Caliber – Retail
3400011 – 669278340111 – K6s® Stainless (3-inch barrel) – .357 Mag. – $899
3400012 – 669278340128 – K6s® DC – .357 Mag. – $1,155
3400013 – 669278340135 – K6s® CDP – .357 Mag. – $1,155 Continue reading