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Kimber Solo Carry Photos!

I opted to set up a separate post for the photos since there are so many. Enjoy! Click the photo below to go to the gallery. Kimber Solo Carry Photos
11 years ago

Ultra CDP II with Crimson Trace Laser Grips

Kimber Ultra CDP II LGWe now have the Ultra CDP II with Crimson Trace rosewood laser grips. This model features a bobbed ambidextrou safety, rosewood Crimson Trace laser grips, night sights, front strap checkering, and a 3" match grade barrel. The slide has Kimber's carry melt treatment and the frame is KimPro coated. See specs, availability, and pricing on the new Ultra CDP II LG in our store.
12 years ago

Kimber Super Carry Ultra Photos

Kimber Super Carry UltraWe just received the first shipment of the new Kimber Super Carry Ultra 1911's. See detailed photos or specs/pricing in our store. These are available for order immediately.
12 years ago

Super Carry Pro Photos

Kimber Super Carry ProWe just received the Super Carry Custom and Pro models. We have posted detailed photos of the Super Carry Pro.
12 years ago

Super Carry Custom Photos

Kimber Super Carry Custom We just received the Super Carry Custom and Pro models. Below are some detailed photos of the Super Carry Custom. We'll have this model available in our store for sale within a few days. If you'd like to purchase one, feel free to call us at 573-859-6044. View the full Super Carry Custom photo gallery.
12 years ago

Tons of Custom Kimbers from SHOT

We had the opportunity to take detailed photos of all the custom Kimber models that were on display at SHOT. There are probably a dozen or more models and each is unique. See all the Custom Kimber models
12 years ago

Kimber RCP Photos from SHOT SHOW 2010

Kimber RCP IIWe've got photos of the new Kimber RCP II - straight from SHOT Show 2010. The RCP II is much like the previous RCP II model except that it has a hammer. This model has grips similar to those on the Aegis family and is very compact! View the full gallery of Kimber RCP II photos.
12 years ago

Kimber Super Carry Photos from SHOT Show 2010

Kimber Super CarryWe're at SHOT Show in Las Vegas and as promised, we have a bunch of photos.... The lighting wasn't great so I apologize for the quality. We'll have a few more photos in the upcoming days and hopefully if it isn't as crowded, we'll get some better quality shots. See dozens of Super Carry Custom, Pro, and Ultra photos.
12 years ago