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Rimfire Super back in stock!

Kimber Rimfire Super After quite a dry spell, we've finally received a shipment containing the Kimber Rimfire Super. We haven't seen a shipment with these since August of 2010! Kimber has been very backed up with .22 LR, 10mm, and .38 Super models (in addition to the Solos) and currently new orders are delayed by about 6 to 8 months! Head over to our store to see more photos, specs, and ordering information!
10 years ago

Kimber Rimfire Super Available

We received another shipment from Kimber today and after quite a long wait, we have the Rimfire Super back in stock. The Rimfire Super is Kimber's top of the line .22 LR model receiving attention from the Custom Shop during production. The side of the slide also indicates that it is a Custom Shop model. Kimber Rimfire Super The Rimfire Super, like the Super Match will be one of the most accurate models available from Kimber. The Rimfire Super has front strap checkering, adjustable rear sights, a flat top slide, and ambidextrous thumb safety. View the full Rimfire Super specs and pricing in our store.
11 years ago

Kimber Rimfire Super Back in Stock

Kimber Rimfire SuperWe just received one Kimber Rimfire Super and have it available for sale. If you've been looking for one of these, grab it while you can! The Rimfire Super is Kimber's only Custom Shop .22LR 1911. It features a match grade 5" barrel, ambidextrous safety, frontstrap checkering, and adjustable target sights.
12 years ago

Kimber Rimfire Super now Available

We just received a couple of the very hard to acquire Kimber Rimfire Super models. The Rimfire Super is a Custom Shop model and the barrel and trigger are hand fitted in the Custom Shop. The Rimfire super has a 5" match grade barrel and a magazine capacity of ten rounds. Head over to our store for full specs and pricing/ availability on the Kimber Rimfire Super.
12 years ago