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Super Carry Pro HD, Custom HD, and Ultra HD Photos from SHOT

Kimber Super Carry Pro HD We had the opportunity to see and handle Kimber's newest 2011 additions including the new Super Carry HD family. These new pistols are all black and have a steel frame where the standard Super Carry models have an aluminum alloy frame. We have found that the Super Carry Pro is the most popular model in the family and after handling the new HD models, we're sure the Super Carry Pro HD will be the most popular in the group. We also hope that with the expansion of the line, it will lead to new accessories like grips. We'll keep our eyes open for any new grips from Kimber or third party makers and share news when we can. In the mean time, check out the photos from SHOT.
11 years ago

Super Carry HD Family

Part of Kimber's 2011 additions will be the Super Carry HD Family. These new Super Carry pistols will come in the usual flavors - Ultra, Pro, and Custom. They will have a stainless steel frame and slide with KimPro II coating. In addition to the stainless steel, these pistols will be all black, unlike the current two tone configuration. Pricing is not yet available but we anticipate it to be similar to that of the current Super Carry models. Check back here for updates including photos, full specs, and pricing.
11 years ago